Global videogame sales surpass movie industry in 2008!

VGB writes: "According to consulting firm Hudson Square Research (HSR), the video game industry's recent surge has finally allowed it to catch up to the movie business on a global basis. Whereas the games industry surpassed this movie industry back in 2005 in America alone, as well as gaming surpassing the music industry in 2007."

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sonarus3896d ago

Yea maybe we will see a quentin tarantino game lol

fenderputty3896d ago

reason I think we'll start to see larger corporations start to get in on video gaming. Viacom, Warner etc etc etc will all start to see this as a market they need to get it on.

Poeple still tend to think gaming is "dorky" yet, this proves how mainstream it really is.

green3896d ago

What do they expect.Have you seen the quality of movies that have been coming out for sometime now?absolute rubbish.

spider man 3 and pirates of the caribean 3 where supposed to be the biggest movies of last year.After watching them at the cinema, i felt rubbed.But compare them to the blockbuster games of last year and you can see why people are moving towards games.

Fishy Fingers3896d ago

2007, crap films, fabulous games. This doesn't surprise me one bit.

Thepro3183896d ago

we paying 65 bucks for a game a pop to 10 dollar cd 5 dollar movie tickets what you think going to be the biggest industry

SaiyanFury3896d ago

And this is news? I've known games were better than anything Hollywood's been putting out for the last several years. I only go to the theatre like once a year now, and sometimes not even that. Most of the junk concocted by Hollywood is just crappy, lousily written tripe and a bunch of remakes. Games deliver an interactive, fun experience that, believe it or not, is actually worth the money you pay. Movies these days aren't even worth the film they're recorded onto.

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