Xbox One 'Eighty': Is It Still Going To Plan?

VideoGamer: "After Microsoft changed its mind again, where next for the Xbox One?"

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NYC_Gamer1901d ago

I hope it expands beyond X1 and gamers keep letting our voice/wallets speak and only then will change happen

robotgargoyle1901d ago

Fro President! Commander-and-chief of hairstyles! Great typo!

JokesOnYou1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

OK people like dedicatedtosony below just don't want to acknowledge micro "plan" is to do whatever it takes to make the X1 a great console for gamers...they are listening to feedback on xbox forums, they've been saying since E3 that they would have more info about the inclusion of a headset.

FACT X1 has not launched yet.

If you didn't like the drm policy its fixed.

If you wanted more indie support its fixed.

If you wanted a headset included its fixed.

When sony sold you a $600 console, no headset, no HD cables in the box, no 2 HDMI slots as originally announced, no cross game chat, no 120 fps games as Ken Kutaragi talked about during the ps3 reveal, no dual screen capability, no HOME as it was promised to be next online gaming revolution, they took away linux, took out usb ports, criticized micro initial lack of backwards compatibility then they took it away, said CGI KZ2 was gameplay, none of you complained and all these things were promised to you upfront, they either never happened or were taken away making the ps3 less than initially promised while micro has either added or taken away policies due negative feedback. So essentially X1 gets better, you complain, if sony doesn't deliver as advertised or follows micro by making you pay for online "its all good".

Couldntfindasn1901d ago

@JokesOnYou wow well said. Well said.

dedicatedtogamers1901d ago

There is no Xbox One "plan", not that anyone can perceive at least. That's the problem. If there's no plan (other than TvTvSports) what can we expect in 18 months? 3 years? At the end of the X1 lifecycle?

Die-hard loyalists are very forgetful, but most consumers are not, surprisingly.

dark-hollow1901d ago

"Die-hard loyalists are very forgetful, but most consumers are not, surprisingly"

I think you got it in reverse. The die hards hardcores are the ones who never forget and hold grudges over a piece of plastic while the majority of consumers dont give a sh!t.


We could expect a better gaming console. If you are truly dedicated to gamers like your screen name suggest, then you would encourage this.

Mr_Pinky1901d ago


Really because the new Xbox Die hard users who joined roughly when the Xbox One had it's reveal or even at E3 say know the ones who have defending every single bloody thing Microsoft have done.

Us consumers who are gamers, the ones who can see the pro's and cons of something without letting fanboyism get in the way are the ones who have never forgot and for good reason, they know when a company has done wrong and doesn't just forgive them over night.

I know you might think some people who think like that are "Sony fanboys" because it's pro Sony comment after another but when they are doing one right thing after another and Microsoft is doing the oppsite then yeah people are going to praise Sony

I was the totaly opposite in 2006, I supported Microsoft more based on how much they supported the core community. However if I knew how much Blu ray benefited gamers in the future with games like God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Last of Us, Killzone 3 etc then I probably wouldn't of been complaining over the price, just the arrogance

XboxFun1901d ago

@ Dedicated

There is a Xbox One "plan". The PLAN is to bring games to the X1 console. To keep bringing and improving on the features already established when it was revealed. To make changes to it's environment when possible and with the times.

The reason you can't perceive Xbox's plan is because you don't know it. Because you are not employed by MS and you are not privy to their information.

Die hard sony fans are quick to not understand what MS is doing.

dedicatedtogamers1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

@ dark-hollow

Most business management courses and/or real-life experience in the field of sales and business would say otherwise. The "casual customer" is the hardest one to please, the hardest one to upsell, and the hardest customer to maintain. "Casual customers" are the ones looking for a deal, not a feature. They're the ones who get the cheapest oil change possible after being 2,000 miles over on their change. They are the hardest to win with PR and advertisements because they don't think "Sony vs Microsoft vs Sony", they think "do I even want a game console? Nah, I can wait".

The enthusiast is the one who is forgetful. They buy hardware and videogames on Day One. They gripe about DLC but then buy all of it later on anyway. They remain loyal to their brand of choice without considering alternatives. They'll even go as far to acknowledge the flaws of their brand but then they simply rationalize it with a submissive "...but I gotta have my Halo/Gran Turismo/Smash Bros/Whatever". Enthusiasts parrot all of the official PR lines of their preferred brand, whereas most "casuals" have never seen an E3 conference or a Nintendo Direct. Enthusiasts like us spend time on N4G discussing the game market. Casuals play Candy Crush and spend time on Facebook taking pictures of random events in their lives.

Let me put it another way: them "filthy casuals" who bought the Wii had a good enough memory to remember that Nintendo dropped nearly all support for Wii after 2009, which didn't make the Wii-U all that appealing (well, it was part of the reason). It is amusing to watch people pull out the same arguments that Sony fanboys used in 2006 "the Xbox brand is so powerful. Casuals will upgrade from 360 to Xbox One because they love Kinect".

On the other hand, how many loyal Xbox fans are honestly hesitating on getting an X1 because of RRoD, everything crammed behind paywall, or the DRM debacle from just a few months ago? Most have willfully "forgotten".

@ XboxFun

Why shouldn't I be privy to their plan? I don't need to know every detail, but I'd like a vague idea. You have it wrong: I SHOULD be privy to their plan, seeing how they want me as their customer and I'd be paying them money for a console with no discernible vision or long-term goal in mind. Neither PS4 nor Sony are perfect, but at least Sony has communicated their focus perfectly since back in February.

"Die hard sony fans are quick to not understand what MS is doing."

Oh, another one of these kids who thinks "anyone who says anything bad about the company I like is quite obviously a fanboy from the 'other team'". You'd fit right it with the "Sony fanboys" from 2006.

XboxFun1901d ago

@ Dedicated

I'm just curious. What don't you understand about MS's plan?

It's a game console, it has a TV function, it will play games, it will launch apps. It may and will do other things in the future just like the PS4.

Where is the confusion?

What other plan(s) from MS don't you know or understand?

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Mr_Pinky1901d ago

"where next for the Xbox One?"

Maybe giving us the option to buy a cheaper Kinect-less version of the Xbox One next year

Before those people speak up and say "I like Kinect" or "It should never be sold without Kinect" I would just like to say stop being so bloody selfish and let people have some options when purchasing something. Nothing worse when a company forces something down your throat. Least then everyone can enjoy it

GraveLord1901d ago

I can't believe people actually disagreed with you.

Can you imagine if smartphone manufacturers only allowed you to buy the 64GB model? Could it be beneficial to some users? Of course! But people like having options and sacrificing a storage to get a smartphone this month isn't that big a deal to most.

If MS were to offer the console without Kinect, more people would buy it due to the lower price. If Kinect interests them they would buy the too eventually. You see its Microsofts job to make people want it, not to force it on them.

Mr_Pinky1901d ago

Exactly, options are needed with things like this, it means more people can enjoy something

I mean I still wouldn't buy one at launch myself if they did do this, mostly because unlike some I stick to my guns, MS tried to screw over gamers and tried to turn (or still are) the gaming industry into something it's not for there own greedy needs but I would get one in the future.

They got rid of DRM, you can play used games, you can share used games etc...all is left now is Kinect.

I'm a paranoid guy, I;ll admit it but after stories of MS working with the NSA and other privacy concerns I have the right to be. Hell I put a bit of card board on my Laptops webcam

gaelic_laoch1901d ago

@ Pinky

2 Points

Firstly MS made a grave error thinking it is they whom mould and drive the gaming industry, it is us the consumer and our hard earned money!

Secondly as a non US citizen I refuse to place my trust in a foreign company that has collaborated with a government that I am not a citizen of! Until I find out SONY is spying on its customers for the Japanese government they will be getting my business (alot less likely then the former)!

Mike134nl1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

The xb1 needs the kinect in order to achieve its goal to become a central entertainment device and promise made to developers that each console will have a kinect.

I believe that the new kinect is an integral part of Microsoft business plan. With the build in ir blaster it allows the kinect/xb1 to control/manage other devices in the living room. Allowing it to be used outside of an gaming context. Something which non gamers and more casual gamers might find very interesting.

It is also part of the roadmap Microsoft has if we believe in the roadmap of earlier leaked documents; to create unique games and achieve more interactive games and television.

Including the kinect with the xb1 most likely also means that it is cheaper for the consumer than it would be if they had to buy kinect separately.

thrust1901d ago

My plan is still stronge.

Leave home at 11:30 to que up for the midnight, can not wait!

silkrevolver1901d ago

The more they change, the closer it gets to being a PS4 with a kinect that costs $100 more.

If they release enough compelling exclusives down the line, I'll get one, but for now, my bid is cast strongly in favor of the PS4.

thrust1901d ago

Right! Kinect is worth $100.

The first one was more, and is great fun with the family!

christocolus1901d ago

Oh god...when will these arguments end? Just get a ps4 if that's what you want or get an xbox one if that's what suits you. Ms could before lunch decide to add the fortazella glasses to the box or decide to use the cloud to stream 360 games to xbox one or even make the dvr function without gold subscription. It changes nothing at all. Pls some gamers need to stop trying to compare so badly its pathetic. I don't know why n4g even allows this crap.Just ignore comments that invite fan wars or better yet don't dignify them with a response..if you ignore them long senoughh they will go away eventyally..

Lovable1901d ago

This is how N4G gets so much traffic. Stuff like this.

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