X-Play's Big Ones: Resident Evil 5, Little Big Planet & More

X-Play brings you a look at some of the most anticipated games for the coming year, including Spore, Little Big Planet, and Resident Evil 5.

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Cwalat3847d ago

resident evil 5 a online component ???

what ?

well this will be interesting to see Capcom,
how will they implement online without ruining the singleplayer?

The Closing3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Capcom isn't about to cut corners on a franchise, which is chief among their already illustrious career of some of the biggest names in gaming, and this only confirms as much. RE5 having some online capabilities is the best news I've heard in a while. Was already a first day purchase, but this makes an even more incredible value. I'd count the days if I only knew when to count to.

King20083847d ago

"ME" Personally dont see what the big deal is about Spore. LBP and RE5 will be spectacular. I read about Tiberuim <~~sp? seems decent gotta learn more. I just cant wait til the MGS4 Online beta...finally get me to put down COD4 and The Show

green3847d ago

LBP looks hilarious.The way those little guys run makes me smile.Hope you PS fans go buy it when it's released.

RE5 looks gorgeous,the visuals are simply amazing.if only they can confirm an 08 release.Haven't played a Resi game since Code Veronica on the dreamcast.

The Closing3847d ago

You really need to play RE4. Diddy mow!

nuff said.