Lik-sang responds: Sony "marched all over us"

On Tuesday, popular game importer Lik-sang announced that they were being forced to shut down due to expenses incurred fighting multiple lawsuits from Sony. Sony quickly went into damage control mode, telling that the legal battle had nothing to do with the site's closure and accusing the online retailer of "sour grapes." Today, Lik-Sang Marketing Manager Pascal Clarysse answered back, telling Joystiq that Sony has "marched all over us."

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LiquifiedArt4468d ago

STOP [email protected]# LikSang I personnaly could careless. You Broke Importing infringments and rightfully so u got sued. Mess with the Big Dogs, or stay on the Porch. You chose the former. So stop crying!

peksi4468d ago

Well you gotta get news reporters something to chew.

PS360WII4467d ago

I think I have 35 cents and they could call someone who cares. Honestly how much longer do we need to hear that they are out of buisness?