Amazon offering $50 to HD DVD owners

Following the crowd, Amazon has decided to fire off emails to folks who purchased a HD DVD player from it before February 23, 2008 in order to bestow upon them a $50 credit for their trouble.

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SuperSaiyan43847d ago

Title says it all really. UK in particular gets done over all the time why won't any companies out there actually offer us anything or any good deals?? I am looking at you EA with your blasted rip off Rockband!

TriggerHappy3847d ago

haha at your EA comment. Most people should just import the game instead of buy the UK version which is a BIG rip-off.

decapitator3847d ago

I dont think they will announce anything for the usually. But if they did, it would be a nice change.

Klopek3846d ago

Although I realise they're a different company, I contacted asking whether they intended to offer a similar promotion but the response I recieved was worded like I wanted them to price match's HD DVD players. Idiots.

Dlacy13g3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

they emailed the code to me:

Thank you for writing to us at

I am sorry to learn that you do not have the promotional code of $50.00. As your order qualified for the promotion here is the promotional code.

Promotional code: XXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX

To redeem your promotional offer, just follow these steps:

1. Select the items you want and add them to your Shopping Cart.

2. Click "Proceed to Checkout" when you are ready to complete your

3. When you fill out our order form, you'll see a box in the payment
section that says "Do you have a promotional code or gift card?" Enter your claim code in the space provided....

lalilulelo3846d ago

it sucked in the first place