PSM3: DJ Hero, Stranglehold 2, Upcoming Killzone 2 Footage & MGS4 Duck Egg-timers

The best bits from The Insider article from issue 100 of psm3.

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sonarus3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Killzone 2 footage. Its about fvkin time. Starwars Battlefront 3 would be pretty awesome.

WTF. They are trying to show that some 2005 sh!t can be done on ps3. I missed the part where KZ2 was a tech demo. Stop wasting time doing nonsense and get back to making that game.

Cwalat3842d ago

would you rather have the storyline spoiled of them showing a piece of the final game... thats not what i wan't,,

Fishy Fingers3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

The E3 trailer (05) was where GG set the bar for Killzone. Personally I wouldnt mind seeing the exact scene rendered in-engine and realtime. That way, I can compare them precisely. I occasionally watch that video now, just as a fan of CG and it still amazes me.

sonarus3842d ago

No but i would like something a lot more reassuring than a bloddy tech demo. Who gives a $hit if it matches 05 trailer anymore. Just make the game, finish it, release it and stop wasting our time.

I want killzone 2 as badly as the next ps3 owner but i don't feel the need to be taken for a ride. What do they possibly plan to gain from this? Just some media praise with no release date leaving gamers wanting more while they prance around in ps3 forums.

Fishy Fingers3842d ago

Yeah, your right, if we're getting one trailer and one trailer only, it better be something new!

jkhan3842d ago

Well hopefully it won't be a tech demo. I guess they will show a level where you can blow that hovercraft type of vehicle with a rocket launcher. By the way didn't the E3 2007 demo included a rocket launcher scene. It was pretty cool though. Judging by the graphics standard these days as compared to 2005, I would say they can certainly exceed almost every aspect.

fenderputty3842d ago

If they show the same section of gameplay that they showed last year at E3, I'll be fine. Just as long as that footage has been updated with a years worth of progress in textures, seamless loading, AI and whatever else they've done. Last years footage was amazing. I just hope they're in the beta instead of the illustrious "pre-alpha" thing we saw last.


Then I will be happy.

Fishy Fingers3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Read comment 4/4.1

Should clear some of this up a bit.

fenderputty3842d ago

honestly, I'll be happy with anything. Just show me something.

A solid date would be nice too.

I hope E3 clears up a lot of crap about this game.

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Yi-Long3842d ago

...hopefully Stranglehold will have decent voiceacting this time round.

Cwalat3842d ago

well chow-yun-fat is a nobrainer but the storyline this time will be interesting to see... Hope they do another collectors edition with one of John Woo movies in it... that was a great push for me into buying it...

Yi-Long3842d ago

... although it would be nice if this time the movie would be HD quality.

Hard Boiled is an awesome awesome movie though :)
I always enjoy watching it. Tony Leung is also great in it.

Corrupt3842d ago

No date specified. I wonder how long until we get to see it.

SWORDF1SH3842d ago

it will be shown b4 the end of april.

Fishy Fingers3842d ago

"More Killzone 2 footage will be shown to a select audience (includin PSM3) to prove that the E3 2005 footage featuring the breathless rocket launcher sequence as you squad barks orders in real time, can actually be done on the PS3."

I wish they stated where this^^ information came from. I need to know if it was someone from GG who brought up the E3 trailer or just PSM.

SWORDF1SH3842d ago

heres the exact words from the mag.
"To prove that the infamous E3 2005 footage of Killzone 2 (featuring the breatheless rocket launcher sequence as your squad barks orders in real-time) was real - or rather, possible on PS3 - Guerilla will be demoing a real-time version in April to a select audience...including, of course, PSM3.

Fishy Fingers3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

My hero. Thank you Swordf1sh. +bubble for your time.

edit: fishy, fingers, whatever. Its not exactly my real name... thank god :P

SWORDF1SH3842d ago

any time fishy. or do you prefer to be called mr fingers.

jkhan3842d ago

Thank you my lord. I don't care even if its rumor, seriously I was wondering today, what the hell happened, why is everyone so quite on the killzone 2 end.

Iamback3842d ago

First off this is forum post, some guy posted it. It might be really from PSM3 or complete bogus. If it is real i say MEH, why? Well since it is for selective audience, it means WE(what matters) wont be seeing it, which is lame.
They will show it to us during E3.

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