New Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Trailer and Screens

With just over a month left until the September 10th release of Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX-, Square Enix have provided a new set of screenshots, as well as a new trailer, in preparation for the release.

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TheLyonKing2630d ago

Already pre ordered the special edition! Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

Omar912630d ago

If you dont mind me asking, what does the special edition come with and where can i pre order? I pre ordered from amazon

TheLyonKing2630d ago

It contains a different sleeve and an art book which I think tells you how to draw the characters.

I pre ordered of cause I had points to use and they have a price unlike amazon.

This is U.K btw

Omar912630d ago

Thank you!i actually read the description on amazon and they to have the limited edition.

vishmarx2630d ago

please let 2.5 have 2fm+bbs+3d

Chaos_Raiden2630d ago

Thanks for the share. Can't wait for the game next month.

roadkillers2630d ago

Why release so close to GTA... :(

LAWSON722630d ago

I wish GTAV did not come out so close to this, because I would love to play this