This Live Action Short Film Pits Wolverine Against Predator

YouTube's channel 'Machinima' has shared an interesting live action short film, in which 'Bat in the Sun Productions' pits Wolverine against Predator.

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Excalibur2632d ago

Watched them all, pretty impressive.

john22632d ago

indeed. Lots of hard work went to them. They are quite polished too

Fishermenofwar2632d ago

Yeah they are pretty good...Gonna watch the rest when I get home...

CaptainCamper2632d ago

Amazing..Just a bit sad this will sit at 100 degrees when some article full of BS and a misleading title hogs the front page :D Thoroughly enjoyed all of the episodes.

Fishermenofwar2632d ago

I'm a huge Logan/Patch fan...Nice try predator...If Arnie can beat you...Wolvie would rape you...LOL

I'm the best there is at what I do and what I do best isn't very nice


Pretty dope but wolverine's costume is pure comedy!

sorceror1712632d ago

Yeah, what works in the comics doesn't carry over to real life. There *is* a reason why comic-book costumes evolved the way they did, though:

(Basically, old printing tech.)