GTA 4 Reviews not far away

The first reviews of Grand Theft Auto IV are expected to arrive within the next couple of weeks, and today OPM UK announced that their review will begin reaching subscribers of the magazine around April 22nd. Official Xbox Magazine have already announced that their review will go on sale on April 19th. Meanwhile a number of other reviews are also expected from the likes of IGN and GameSpot at around the same time.

The first ever review of GTA: San Andreas came from the US edition of OPM on October 23rd 2004 (three days before the game was released) and then various other reviews followed shortly after. It was also at this time when the first HUD screens and voice actor info began to emerge, so perhaps we can expect something similar this time.

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Tempist3848d ago

No Kidding. You know, too many articles are coming up about GTA IV as if an army of doom sayers and their "the World will end" signs had finally banded together to spread inevitable, obvious message of truth.

People need to learn to relax. This is just a clutter article.

Captain Tuttle3848d ago

You said it much better than I could have.

Have a bubble

BrianC62343847d ago

I could care less about GTAIV reviews. I already preordered my copy. I don't need someone else's opinion to tell me to buy it or not. I'm sure the reviews will probably say it's great anyway. Well, maybe UK reviews will say the game stinks. They always seem to say the opposite of what the rest of the world says.

chaosatom3333847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

i repeat: the review will go on sale.

desperation: i say yes.

SPARTAAN3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

the first guy to review the game has played the final built now and he updated his review

looks like the install isnt even optional in the 360 and the pop in of the officers have been fixed in the 360 version and the split screen has been removed from the ps3 version may to make both the version identical or to have the city alive in all its glory than sputtering and stuttering for splitscreen and the ps3 vesion seems to have slightly faster load times because of the install which takes about 10 min

he even increased the final score from 9.3 to 9.8

Daz3848d ago

That sounds right. thx

SPARTAAN3848d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

those who own both the consoled need to toss a coin to decide which version to buy

after reading that review it looks like GTA IV is going to live up to its hype

ill be getting the ps3 version cause i dont have a 360

Daz3848d ago

yeah because im not sure i need help lol;/

Apokalypsis3848d ago

Did they seriously say that they removed a great and much anticipated Split Screen Option from the PS3 version to make it "Equal" to the Xbox360 version?? Removing features??? come on now. that only hurts gamers it does not aid them in any way. just unbelievable

SPARTAAN3848d ago

he said he wasnt sure if they removed it to make them identical or to have the city alive in all its glory than sputtering and stuttering for splitscreen

Daz3848d ago

yeah he did say that but then again, none of do not know what happened.

Lord Vader3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

omg another "install" a la DMC4 to run a game ? I thought they delayed the game to fix issues like this...

This guy doesnt garner much credibility with me about the split screen issue, if it ran on PS3, then why remove it ??? Why can't it run on 360 if the PS3 can't run the game without an "install" ???

Lol, of course it has faster load times since it has to stream from the freakin' hardrive...

I'll wait for a more respectable reviewer (i.e. who the hell is cgreviews ????)


ktr3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

If I am not mistaken, the 360 owners will have to have a HDD to play online. Being that all ps3 sku's had HDD, R* made the choice and make the install mandatory...both for the the online, and to make the game run smoother. The first cg review that was based on the preview stated that the ps3 ran smoother and almost flawless w/ install, and the PS3 was a week or two behind the 360 in development. If you have the option to make it "better" than take the option to make it better. Simple as that.

HelloBabe693847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

wait, so is there or is there no split screen? I really want split screen to play with my friends on one TV instead of having them bring over there systems, it just gets annoying.

chaosatom3333847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

other magazine confirmed it.

xbox ruined the best franchise there was on ps2.
Seriously, they could have easily fitted split-screen in the blue-ray space and like 3 other gta games if it weren't for the dvd drive on xbox.

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PimpHandHappy3848d ago

for a GTA game

i know i dont need someone to tell me its good because history tells me im going to love this game


i would like to see reviews of retail copys and not the test code like we have seen in the past.

SPARTAAN3848d ago

he changed the review now hes played the final retail version now

PimpHandHappy3847d ago

i dont care about reviews of GTA

this is one of the few games i will read reviews after i have hours under my belt just to see if they share my feelings..

There is really only one other game that i dont read about right now and thats MGS.

just my own little stance on the gaming media. There are just times you dont need em and this is one of those times

BeaArthur3847d ago

Does anyone want to guess what the Mega Score will be? I think 97/100, there are bound to be some people that don't think it's perfect.

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