PS4's 'GPU Is A Beast'

Nowgamer: "Warframe creative director Steve Sinclair has confirmed that the free to play multiplayer title will allow cross-platform play between PS4 and PC players."

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pedrof933967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I believe so.

I this game similar to the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 ?

TimmyShire3967d ago

Ha, that made me laugh more than it should!

Autodidactdystopia3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Its a certain kind of beast.

like a cheeta or tiger.

there are other beasts bound to be mentioned in the comments that are more like rhinos brute force sleek but not as "optimized" :D

I like the ps4 its got such a damn sleek design.

insert shameless plug here of A visualizer im making that was inspired directly by the ps4s multifaceted shape and the ps line of bios's and visualizers included in their previous line

mewhy323966d ago

No doubt that we are about to see amazing things on the PS4. The system itself is a beastly piece of machinery. A computing powerhouse.

Saigon3966d ago

This is good information to hear, yesterday we heard the CPU was amazing and now the GPU...

Walkingliving3966d ago

People may have missed the joke :S

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kraideral3966d ago

Major Neslon, WTF are you doing on a PS4 conversation? :P

tokugawa3966d ago

i dont doubt that the ps4 is going to be a great console.. mine is already on pre-order.

but dont you lot see the hypocrisy? a ps4 exclusive dev says something good, and you lot have collective orgasms. yet any dev saying anything about the xbo.. an exclusive dev and the response is "well what else are they going to say"

or a thid party and its "they were paid to say it"

disagree all you want.. it dont change the facts

blackbeld3966d ago

(Sinclair was also keen to stress that the PS4 version will be no means be an inferior version of its PC counterpart. "The GPU is a beast," said Sinclair, "and the game looks stellar running on the PS4!"

"The unified memory is part of what makes this console so great to develop on," Sinclair continues. "You can use threads to generate textures and graphics assets. You can use the GPU to process Physics and effects data.")

Yep PS4 is really powerful.


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meetajhu3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

It's a beast compared to Xbox 360 and ps3. But not even close compared to Laptop that was released 1 year ago.

Kennytaur3966d ago

I bought a laptop last year for over $1000, and guess what, it doesn't come close to the PS4. And the ones for PS4 money only come with intel graphics.

twdll3966d ago

Yea but what was the price of the laptop, compared to the new next gen condoles?

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sourav933966d ago

I'm assuming you mean gaming laptops, or else you're just being stupid. Plus gaming laptops from a year ago had a 7970m or a 680m. Some really high end ones had sli or crossfire x. The ps4 is a more powerful system that the ones with the single 7970m or the 680m. Yes, the 7970m has higher TFLOPs than the PS4 gpu, but the ps4 gpu is part of an APU, so a higher performance output can be achieved.

Death3966d ago

You guys are putting way too much hype into the GPU. The GPU is half of the CPU/GPU combo chip. The CPU in the XboxOne and PS4 are budget processors designed for tablets/mobile devices. A gaming laptop from last year not only has a high end GPU, but a quad or six core i7 CPU that is much, much more powerful. Bad comparison if you want the console to "win". Yes, you pay more for the laptop, but it can do much more than play games.

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starchild3966d ago

I'm tired of this whole "can you buy a PC for $400 that beats the PS4?"

Who cares? If price were all that mattered we would all be buying the Wii U and gaming on that.

It's a stupid argument. You generally pay more to get more. A good gaming PC will cost you more up front, but it gives you WAY more, both in terms of the quality of graphics and performance in games as well as the myriad non-gaming capabilities a PC offers.

Then you also have to consider that games are cheaper on PC and you don't have to pay to play online.

Metfanant3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

where did you get that laptop with an 8-core jaguar CPU, a custom AMD GPU and 8gb of unified GDDR5??....id like to get one...



you're missing the point in the "price" argument...the reason price is brought up is because any time there is an article about the power of the PS4 (or Xbone for that matter)...PC nuts come running into the comments section with their hair on fire talking about how some GPU from last you lays absolute waste to the PS4 but costs $600 all on its own while the PS4 is a complete system that will sell for $400...

you CANNOT at this time build a complete box that matches the specs of the PS4 for $400...you simply cannot...

im not saying that is a BAD thing...im not saying that as a slight against the PC gaming crowd...its just true...

however for a few hundred more you will probably be able to easily beat the PS4...and with $1000 you would be able to build a PC that is certainly MUCH more powerful than a PS4...

H0RSE3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )


I think you missed the part when starchild said, "you generally pay more to get more..." Despite the PS4 offering a lot for a little, it still cannot compare with what a PC can offer, and it isn't about what a PC at the same price point can offer - that argument is just console fans trying to move the goal posts.

using cars an an example, the PS4 (or any console) is like a sporty, fuel efficient car, with lots of features, a good top speed, and all for a descent pricetag. A gaming PC is like a Ferrari - Comparing pricetags is pointless. PC's cost more, sometimes a lot more, but you get more, not just in performance, but in features and versatility.

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LackTrue4K3966d ago

Notice how there's a lot of pc users in this article....haha


Kurylo3d3966d ago

Of course, people comment when they want to set the record straight. Nothing wrong with wanting a ps4, ill get one myself. But its the way people want to proclaim the ps4 some superior machine to computers is just absurd. Wether you like it or not, your working with old hardware in the ps4. Very old hardware. PC users have had that stuff in their machines already for years. My laptop from6-7 years ago dominated the ps3 at the time playing the original crysis.. only $700 laptop. My desktop of 2 years ago blows away the ps4 lol.. I mean dominates it.

starchild3966d ago

Notice how there are a ton of Playstation fanboys in every XB1 article? Yeah... don't be a hypocrite.

I'm sick of console fanboys talking about PC gamers being elitist when those same console fanboys turn around and act like douche bag elitists themselves.

So let's get this straight, if a PC gamer argues the merits of the PC gaming platform, he is being an elitist.

But if a Playstation fanboy is hyping up the PS4 and talking about how much better it is than everything else and what a piece of crap the Wii U and XB1 are, he isn't an elitist? Uh...wut?

Give me a break. You console fanboys are the biggest hypocrites. You can't see how biased you are and how everything you attack PC fanboys for you are guilty of yourselves.

extermin8or3966d ago

@Kurylo3d No one here but PC fanboys trying to act all superior mentioned PC. No one said the PS4's GPU was better than anything you can get on PC. That didn't and doesn't usually happen it's all in your imagination. Also at Starchild if they were saying that Wii U cannot match it's performance they'd be right it can't. It's running several years old tech that was out of date for a new gaming console probiably by 2010 at least. If they point out that the Xbox one has a slightly less powerful GPU they'd be right-although why they'd bother as it's unlikely to have much/any effect on most games. Also there's a difference between this and say an xbox exec who doesn't actually make games etc he just does sales and PR etc telling people as an example that 3 xbox ones will be available in the cloud and it'll improve graphics etc which is total crap then yeah I can see why people would call them out or when they directly attack another console in the argumnt by mentioning it by name or heavily implying stuff I can't say I blame people for wanting to set that straight.

starchild3966d ago


Seriously? You don't see the hypocrisy and double standard in that?

So Playstation fanboys feel the need to rub specs in the faces of Wii U and XB1 fans and that's not elitist? That's ok in your mind, but it's not ok for gaming PC owners to rub specs in the face of Playstation owners?

You think it is important for Playstation gamers to set the record straight when it comes to the reported power of the cloud afforded to the XB1? (Something most of them don't have the knowledge to do anyway). But it is somehow bad for PC gamers to want to step in and set the record straight when console gamers are saying things about the PC that simply aren't true?

Get real. Can you be any more irrational or hypocritical?