Injustice Gods Among Us Next DLC Zatanna Breakdown

Well to no surprise the next DLC character for Injustice is Zatanna. Being a fan favorite in the last poll of characters that fans want to see.

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Stevefantisy2632d ago

Looks like she will make for a decent juggler. Watch out nightwing.

2632d ago
zeal0us2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

I agree Stevefantisy my buddy's stepmother should watchout because she just made $78 an hour on her laptop. JOKING. I do wish they would fix the spam.

Nightwing better watch out for Red Hood because I got a feeling he's coming.

Hi3i2632d ago

Who will be next static shock or red hood??

zeal0us2632d ago

Really just Static but I have been seeing people asking for Black Lightning.

On the comic book side Black Lightning is more popular
On the show side Static is more popular mainly because Black Lightning has rarely been seen on show frontier.

Phil Lamarr more than likely would do the v/o regardless which of the two got chosen.

I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Red Hood

Hi3i2632d ago

He would be good but I think static shock is next. He was second in last fan poll.

Heisenburger2632d ago

Yeah Static, do yo thaang!

ghostrider322632d ago

Yes, it's not one of Batman's bitches.

maniacmayhem2632d ago

I am so done with Injustice.

Seriously though, how many ultras do these characters have that slams the opponent on their originality at all.

Stevefantisy2632d ago

Its a fighting game would you prefer the take a break and have a dance off. Perhaps some other way to use a Kinect?

memots2632d ago

Yup , Kinect lover would like a Dance part like in Star wars Kinect .. My soul still weep inside for what they did with starwars , boba fett trusting his hip back and forth ... NOOoooooo

Hi3i2632d ago

Her special is a reference to her from the comic book.

fsfsxii2632d ago

You've been saying that you're done with Injustice ever since release. You kept bitching about the roster, hell, i think if they had all the DC roster you'd still bitch. Geez. Don't you think its enough??

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