GameSpot's Battlefield: Bad Company Closed Beta Impressions

Like Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 before it, Battlefield: Bad Company is going a step above the usual prerelease demo with a limited-access multiplayer beta. Despite the fact that the full version will arrive on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, this sneak peek is being delivered only to Microsoft's console. If you've found yourself among the unlucky masses unable to secure a download key from the various promotions offering them, GameSpot got some hands-on impressions that should interest Battlefield veterans and series newcomers alike.

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GAMExxOVER3847d ago

1. No prone in the game

2. You can not communicate with your whole team! you are restricted to a random squad with 3 other people. If none of these guys talk there is no team work, and if everyone else on the entire team communicates it will not be with you because you can not talk to people not in your 4 ( or less ) man squad. You have a team mate on a artilary gun but you can not communicate with him to tell him you need support on the hill where the snipers are owning your team.

3. Maps are large but you are only allowed to be active in a small section at a time.

4. The humvees are the slowest vehicles I have ever seen in a game, The tanks seem slower than in BF2mc, and the humvees are so slow it is a challenge to overtake a tank on the road!

5. No plans for clan support.

6. Some weapons you will have to pay for to use by purchasing a more expensive version of the game.

7. You can spawn off of a team mate rather than just in a open base of your choice. This leads to an enemy sneaking into your ONLY base, then all his buddies spawn off of him, in a couple seconds you have half the enemy team in your spawn base rapeing you, you can kill a guy and he just spawns right back in your base, once there are about 4 bad guys in your base you are screwed and can not do anything. this leads to people quiting out of the game, soon you have 10 bad guys in your spawn and only 2 people left on your team, so basicly all you can do is quit out and join a new game.

8. Team Killing.... If you are on a cool emplaced weapon your team mates will team kill you to get on it. they get -25 points for a team kill but this is no punishment as you can get up to 500 or more points in a game. There is no kind of auto kick or team kick feature.

9. Did I mention the restriction to communicate with your team in a game that depends on team work and communication. Whats the point?

This game is defidently a rent because of the fun exploring the new maps and seeing what you can destroy, but not a buy because after the new maps become old you are left with game play which depends on team work and communication which the developers seem to be focused on limiting. Leading to a game that is nothing more than a headache.

bumnut3847d ago

worst battlefield game ever