CVG's Ninja Gaiden II Week - Day 3: Martial Arts Cinema

A big new feature for Ninja Gaiden II is the Ninja Cinema. Now, this doesn't mean you can watch classics like Kinji Fukasaku's Shogun's Samurai (maybe Microsoft could release some themed movies via Marketplace's Video Store?).

It means you can record yourself playing the game, then watch your technique over and over again, perfecting how you block and counter, and then upload your video to Xbox Live for the world to sit up and take note of.

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SuperSaiyan43845d ago

You know one thing with the original Xbox version was you could see the top players usually being the Japanese now to be able to watch how they play well all I can say is we will all be needing an extra set of underwear after every watch...

Mwaan3845d ago

That sounds awesome. I thought this feature was going to be an afterthought, but I guess I thought wrong.

tplarkin73845d ago

All those reviewers that dissed NG2 when they previewed DMC4 will eat Ryu's dirty underwear, and like it, in June.