Capcom: Making Devil May Cry 4 for PS3 Was Tricky

Capcom did a fine job handling the multi-platform Devil May Cry 4. You know, making sure all versions looked the same. But was that easy? Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi explains.

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Cwalat3934d ago

i swear, if capcom doesn't do the same with RE5, news will come out that i killed everyone in Capcom..

Lord Vader3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

No doubt. If RE5 requires a freakin' 5gig download to run, I will *definately* be buying the 360 version. Rumor has GTA IV is requiring an "install" to run on PS3... what is up Sony ?

LightningPS33934d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

of course they will. It's a big game and PS3 should have a pretty healthy user base by then.

Mr_Kuwabara3934d ago

Please explain to me what does Sony have to do with third party games?

boodybandit3934d ago

Sony seems to be doing pretty good regardless of your complaints with some 3rd party companies requiring installs. Personally I don' base purchases on whether or not there is an install. I purchase them based on final product value. To say you are going to purchase a game before we know anything about it based on a possible install speaks volumes.

InMyOpinion3933d ago

"Please explain to me what does Sony have to do with third party games?"

"Hiroyuki Kobayashi explains:

The Xbox 360 and the PC are close in structure, so it was easy to switch over. The PS3, the CPU and the design are unique... our programmer is extremely talented, and was able to figure it out. I think after repeated meetings with Sony that we were able to tap into the PS3."

"repeated meetings" means they have something to do with third party developers and their games.

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LightningPS33934d ago

it's seems to be less and less of a problem. I mean compare what the original Rainbow Six Vegas looked like on PS3 compared to part 2.

trancefreak3934d ago

ya no doubt rv6 looked like a ps2 game

PS360WII3934d ago

Well now that they know how the insides work it'll just be that much easier to make a game for the PS3.

fenderputty3934d ago

this is what we hope for. It seems like some dev's just don't get it. I'm starting to think Ubi won't ever get it. I know EA will never get it. Valve doesn't even want to try lol.

gEnKiE3934d ago

Ya, because Gabe Newell is a jackass.....

devilhunterx3934d ago

The fault lies within their pc engine. It uses DirectX libraries and I think thats what the installation was for on the PS3. To install those drivers to run the game.

The BS about loading was nothing but BS. Think about it, why force the installation?

belal3934d ago

has butifull graphics. the game is a bit repetive but that dosent change a bit. the game is a 8.9- 9.3 in my book.

I think that RE5 will do better becous the devs is learning how to use the power of the ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.