Editorial: 2-year-old dies after beating

This Joystiq editorial examines how the tragedy affects the gaming industry: "However base it may seem in light of the real tragedy, many of us are particularly concerned about the opportunity for mainstream media and those ignorant persons who target our industry to sensationalize a trivial fact about Darisabel's death. That Johnson had in his hand a game controller is no evidence that the game controller and, specifically, the games he likely played with the controller were in any way a catalyst for his heinous crime. But that's a message we fear might be spread."

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Feihc Retsam3897d ago

Imagine Detroit, or the outskirts of Baltimore. Maybe even the sh*tty parts of Newark. Now, remove any class or charm that those places may have, and lower the income level by about 50%.


This article is sad, but not shocking, considering the area in which it happened.

lodossrage3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

The mother's boyfriend deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life. And the mother deserves the same. YES, I said the mother because if you guys have followed this story, this isn't the first time the boyfriend beat on the child and the mother knew all about it. She didn't want to "lose" the boyfriend so she looked the other way when it came to him beating her child. So yeah, she's just as much responsible as he is.

And to make matters worse, watch how the media spins this as "video games made the man kill a child" And god only knows how far it will go if a media whore like Jack Thompson gets a hold of this

DanteLinkX3897d ago

an original xbox and a 360 taped together.

rmedtx8883897d ago

I agree with you lodossrage that guy and his girlfriend deserve to rot in jail.

PROGnosis3897d ago

I am indeed crushed, very sad news, so glad shes in a better place.

sumfood4u3897d ago

No game or Reason deserves to put harm to children! Sick Snaughty~Nose Bastards who like hitting on kids really pisses me off!.......................... .................... It takes a Real Man to displan kids.