Take Two: no GTA V midnight launches ?

JeuxOnline.ca has learned from reliable sources that most shops will not be allowed to hold a midnight launch, or even receive copies before Tuesday, September 17, during the day.

4004d ago
Hydrolex4003d ago

when the clocks hits 12:00, it's Tuesday and no one can do anything, if a store decides to do a midnight lunch, it's up to them.. NO ONE can stop them except a Tsunami

3-4-54003d ago

Yea, at 12:00 it's on. So if Gamestop decides they want to, there is nothing legally that can be done about it.

They can't argue that 12:00 ( + 2 seconds) isn't Tuesday/next day, therefore certain people WILL have this on midnight of release.

Goro4004d ago

I wouldn't bother going to a midnight launch and waiting in a queue for hours when i could just pre-order and get it the day before release

3-4-54003d ago

Here is how you do the midnight Gamestop release though: IMO

* Get there early, 7,8,9 PM and you will get in one of the first groups

* What I do is get there eary, so lets say I get group #7.

@ 12 per group - I'm near the front.

You get in, pre-pay, get your wristband, and leave.

I went home, and came back around 11:00, sat in car and played Mario Kart 7 for about 45 min.

Got in line at 11:45 because they start calling groups and because I got their earlier, I don't have to wait behind these people.

In and out and home by 12:15 with game in system.

No need to wait 3-4 hours in line.

TwistedMetal4004d ago

lol this must be a joke or for Canada only lol.

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GTA 5 DLC: Parts of Canceled Project Made Its Way to GTA Online

A Former Rockstar dev has revealed that they were making a GTA 5 DLC, but it was scrapped since GTA Online was such a "cash cow," though it wasn't a total waste as parts of it made its way to GTA Online.

shinoff218316d ago

What a damn shame. Sinfmgle player dlc could've been so dope but nope fk you single player guys.

Perfect reason why I'm against single player games having multiplayer attached. Eat up more resources

16d ago
Rebel_Scum16d ago

Honestly sucks they couldnt do something for SP dlc. It wouldnt hurt their bottom line at all to do.


Why I Believe GTA 5's Story Mode Isn't As Bad As People Think

GTA 5's story mode deserves more attention.

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Ezio204817d ago

Sure the story mode which got a 97 metacritic isn't as bad as people think. Stupid ass article.

GamerRN16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Who actually thought it was bad? Personally, I think they should have finished the Story DLC to at least gauge sales and if it was worth it vs GTO.

Terry_B17d ago

I think I did not see even one thought out piece by this site named tech4gamers yet. Nope..no approvals for this nonsense from me.

isarai17d ago

Ive never heard anyone really complain about the story mode 🤨

cloganart16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Just some people who didn't like that the story was split between 3 protagonists and kinda had weird pacing because of it.

Rebel_Scum16d ago

I didnt like how the heists consisted of 3 preparation/fetch quests which were dull as. Also there should’ve been more heists and more assassination missions.

It was pretty good apart from that.

But yeah some folks didnt like the character switch on release.

gold_drake17d ago

ehhh who exactly thinks the story mode is "bad" ?

Dudeson16d ago

The only bad about it is that there isn't any more! Cancelled story dlc to make online stuff... But hopefully gta 6 will be a great adventure again.