180° Rumour mill - New Thief, 360 Motion controller, LittleBigPlanet on PSP and GTA IV's run-down of the big rumours currently doing the rounds in the video game industry.

The Rumour: Microsoft is working with Rare on a new motion controller for the Xbox 360. It will function independently to other controllers (no linking up to other peripherals here) and work in conjunction with plenty of new tailored software. Rare has been handling the development of the Mii-like characters that you'll be able to create and use in all the supported games. Out at the end of this year.

Verdict: This rumour has been doing the rounds for months, although it gained some credibility when MTV posted a story detailing the new peripheral. Usually we'd be quick to point out that mainstream video game coverage is shaky at best, but in this case the news comes from former 1up News Editor and now Reporter for MTV Multiplayer Patrick Klepek. Still not 100% convinced, but it could happen.

Plausibility rating: 3/5

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butterfinger3848d ago

all things we have already heard about on N4G.

Cwalat3848d ago

... turns out to be nothing but rumors...

Fishy Fingers3848d ago

" Rumour mill"

what did you expect to find?

Cwalat3848d ago

thats what i was saying...

sonarus3848d ago

Video game rumor mill is about as useful as a pimple on your butt.

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Farsendor13848d ago

we have already seen these rumors a dozen times all over gaming websites.

DRUDOG3848d ago

Um...yeah. This was an attempt by somebody to rate the latest rumors, but thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Ghoul3848d ago

that remote gotta be the worst attempt of ms to get the casual gamer.

Ghoul3848d ago

yes it WAS

and if the remote really comes then scene it is 2ndplace is worstattemptsofmicrosofttpgeti intothecasualgamingsector

Gorgon3848d ago

Well, a rumor probably, but I would love to get another Thief game if done the right way. Its my most cherished series on the PC.

DRUDOG3848d ago

I really don't think that Pachter meant that EA would delay GTAIV, he was just stating the obvious: it would make "cents" for EA to delay until holiday '08 if they were to acquire Take Two. I disagree that it is even feasible let alone logical.

First, Take Two shareholders are not going to accept any bid from EA until after GTAIV launches (if they ever do). Shares will certainly gain some momentum on the huge sales expected. Why except a bid now that could become better after GTA is released?

Second, even if EA were to acquire Take Two today there really isn't enough time for the acquisition to be completed in time for them to stop the release.

Lastly, it wouldn't even be logical since EA would alienate every gamer (casual gamers since the hardcore already have a bit of hatred for them) and the game already has the whole month of May to itself. Competition with other games and gamer's money would be much greater if the game were to be delayed until late '08. In the end, it was never a rumor, just another "Capt Obvious" comment from an analyst.

BTW, LBP on PSP would be so cool. Can anyone say remote play?!?

va_bank3848d ago

... for a logical and coherent statements, bubbles up.

I'm watching this whole drama unfold, as this is really interesting to me. I work with mergers and aquisitions, so I keep an eye on this. Also because I want GTA really bad.

I agree with what you say about delay not making a lot of sense, but I'm also wondering if I'm missing something. Something that prompted Patcher to make such comment. Or was it just a cry for attention?

DRUDOG3848d ago

Thanks va_bank. I think Pachter's statement was probably just speculation on what could've happened. He was probably giving an interview and was asked his opinion or thoughts on the EA/Take Two merger. I don't know the context of how it was said, but we know he didn't say it was going to happen, only that it could have been a possibility. In any case it's not going to happen and like you I can't wait to get my hands on GTAIV. Been loving this franchise since the PS1 days!

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