Does PS4 Need a LittleBigPlanet?

IGN - Is anyone clamoring for Sackboy's return? We don't think so -- but then we immediately start daydreaming about what would bring us back.

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The_Sneauxman1929d ago

LBP on PS4 would be mind blowing! I for one hope to see an LBP release, preferably by Media Molecule but from what I hear they are focused on a new IP.

Abash1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Hell yes it does. LittleBigPlanet is one of my favorite game series and it has so much potential to become even greater with the PS4's hardware and features

GribbleGrunger1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I think LBP3 will appear on the PS3 and will include every new feature the Vita version has with other features added to make it even more robust. As far as the PS4 is concerned, I don't think MM will make another LBP game (maybe someone else of course).

What MM are working on at the moment is something completely different. If I had to guess, I'd say Minecraft/LBP; perhaps using a combination of voxels and polygons. There will be DLC but the big pull of the game will be creator cooperation and content distribution. That 'share' button will come into it's own. Trust me on this :)

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grassyknoll1929d ago

There's quite a lot of rumours suggesting that Sumo Digital are making Little Big Planet for the Playstation 4 right now.

sonicjam1929d ago

Rumor? Well LBP3 was on a visual artist's resume. So the development of LBP3 is happening as we speak. I hope it is released on the PS4. I also hope they break the away from the 2d playing style and into a 3d experience. But of course the 2d playing style will be an option.

3-4-51929d ago

No, it has that upcoming sculpting games. It just needs A creative game.

ABizzel11929d ago

As they said move on from 2D to LBP 3D is probably the biggest change they should make.

Also templates for creating would allow everyone to easily create. For example:

Template 1: 2D or 3D
Template 2: Genre (Platformer, Racing, FPS, Adventure, RPG, etc...)
Template 3: Setting (Jungle, Space, Urban, Fantasy, etc...)

and after picking your settings the game builds a level up for you based guidelines, and then you can tweak and edit to your heart's content as always.

These are the kind of changes they need, as well as improving online multiplayer connection and loading times.

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fantasygamer1929d ago

Sackboy is awesome. I want the next LittleBigPlanet to be available for PS4.

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Mr_Pinky1929d ago

Yup...but instead of just 2.5D add 3D

Imagine making 3D platforming levels, it could be amazing

Relientk771929d ago

^This I would like to see, it would be crazy

Tiqila1929d ago

and even more time consuming than making 2d levels ;) I never got mine finished...

bjmartynhak1929d ago

I prefer 2D, though "LittleBigPlanet 3D" would be a good name.

If they (Sumo Digital?) can add local co-op in 3D I think I would be fine. LPB is a nice game to play with GF

Mr_Pinky1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

The 2D can still be there but add 3D levels so the game can improve and talented people can make more levels.

With next gen tec, you could give players huge amounts of room for their 3D levels. Whether they want a flatland, a land full of mountains, a skyscraper which each room featuring a level, a land with a huge cavern underneath. Anything could be possible.

SmokingMonkey1929d ago

Super Mario 64 type levels would be perfect for LBP3.

Give us a solid 'block" to work in, in 3d.

That would rule.

pacosanchez881929d ago

yes please. i hope its a big jump though. project spark is one of the only games i want for the xbox one, i hope sony answers.

HammadTheBeast1929d ago

You can also check out Spark for free on PC.

stage881929d ago

The DS4's touchpad screams ABSOLUTELY YES!

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