The Artist's Way: Sgt. Jaffe's Lonely Hearts Club Band

For much of his career, David Jaffe has been known as the man who brought us the Twisted Metal franchise. Today, he's more recognized for last year's God of War. But if Jaffe has his way, you'll remember him as the John Lennon of videogames, turning out a plethora of perfectly crafted "pop songs"--i.e. shorter, lower-budget downloadable games for Sony's e-Distribution Initiative (EDI) service--rather than the costly "operas" that have defined his career to date. Newsweek recently sat down with the outspoken Jaffe in his San Diego offices for a demonstration of his first EDI game, Criminal Crackdown, for both PS3 and PSP. But they found out a whole lot more: why he's shifting gears, what this means for the God of War series, and why he likens Xbox Live Arcade to Ashlee Simpson and oldies radio.

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