5 Things Microsoft Should Bring To The 360 With The Next Dashboard Update

Consoleinformer writes:

"These are the top 5 things I would want on the next Dashboard update but please feel free to join this discussion and give your thoughts on what MS should add to the Xbox 360.

1. First one its an obvious request and one that everyone has been wanting for ages but good ol' Microsoft won't deliver, Internet Explorer 360 edition, its just something that makes all the sense in the world, we even have that keyboard thingy we can attach to the controller, so MS just deliver already will you!"

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decapitator3847d ago

All good reasons but am sure others have more that, they would want implemented as well.

TriggerHappy3847d ago

Yeah, like, how about making it free ? If I were Microsoft, I'd be worried on what Sony is doing.

JsonHenry3847d ago

If Sony integrates the friends list and game invite system comparable to MS XboxLive, then I doubt there will be ANY multiplatform games that I will be playing online for the Xbox.

Just because it is free.

kapedkrusader3847d ago

Most of the stuff he wants are included in the PS3...let the disagrees commence!

Tomdc3846d ago

His request for downloadable games like mass effect is ridiculous... who is gunna wanna download 5GB files? With my internet connection it would take days!

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Silellak3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Heh, I bet the reason they haven't put IE on there is because it would open up giant security holes, which is the last headline Microsoft needs right now.

"XBox 360's Worldwide Hit By First Widespread Console Virus in History"

Microsoft and proper security are like oil and water. They will never mix, ever.

somethingSQUISHY3846d ago

That's a great point. Besides, if you want to surf the web, just use a pc/laptop. I've never found it a useful function on my PS3. Maybe if it loaded pages faster and had flash support, though...

Richdad3846d ago

But 360 doesnt does any hardisk steaming so virus can be sent but will be kill of as Ram data changes.

Silellak3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Personally, I just want a small feature - the option to NOT automatically start a game once I put it in the console.

I've searched and searched the menus but have't found such an option so far.

Edit @Below:

Thanks, but I don't mean when the 360 is starting up. I mean once it's already booted, and I'm sitting in the dashboard, and I put in a game or movie, I don't want it to autorun that disc.

Truplaya3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

that function is there, but i cant remember where in the options. I know because mine loads up in the dashboard, not the tray contents.

All i want in the new update is multi-chat, so more than 2 people can chat together.

Also, i dont want an internet browser on my 360, it would open it up to all sorts of attacks and hacking. i have the internet at work, on my home PC and on my phone, i dont need it anywhere else.

BeaArthur3847d ago

Yeah there is an option in your console settings, just look around it's not hard to find.

kevoncox3847d ago

Why would you put a game or movie in and not want to run it?
t doesn't make sense

Lord Vader3847d ago

@ Truplaya

Multichat would rock = i want it too, but I dont think they'll do it b/c of ranked games.

BeaArthur3847d ago

Truplaya is right again. Multi chat would be a very welcome addition. Especially when you are in a room with 2 or 3 friends and you just want to be able to talk to your friends without having an 8 year old scream curse words at you.

witchking3846d ago

Put the disc in the tray, but don't close the tray. Sit on your couch and do your dashboard thing, then hit the "Close Tray" button when you want to play.

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Shadow Flare3847d ago

I thought people knew why Microsoft haven't included internet explorer on the 360. It's because they're so sensitive about not having a PC image around the 360. Which is also why it doesn't support a mouse, and probably why the 360 version of UTIII doesn't support for mods. I mean really, [a working] 360 is more than capable of supporting internet explorer, and its owned by microsoft. They should've/would've done this ages ago. Especially considering everytime Sony brings a new feature to the ps3, MS has this 'me too! me too!' attitude....except for internet explorer. Why? The PC is the reason.

kewlkat0073847d ago

Ms still the most hackable software ever, since it is the most common used, I can't imagine a Console Bug that Erases your HDD and sh^t through IE loop holes.

I don't need the Browser..If I'm playing a game then I'm playing a game, if you have your HTPC hooked up, surf the net from there.

Of course consoles are quickly blurring the lines with PC's, hey maybe it will happen one day. Do I need it ....naaaw

Shadow Flare3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

see thats what i don't get. Microsoft is a software company, yet they're the ones who can't do it cos their software is crap and full of holes?? I've had no trouble with the ps3's internet apart from it makes my console crash sometimes. I mean, cmon microsoft, what the hell are you good at? Saying that, i know you say you're not fussed about the web on consoles, but its brilliant. I dunno what size tv you have, mines a 40" Bravia and its wicked, my ps3 is a complete media unit. This is a dumb example but recently i downloaded a psone game off the store and got stuck. So i closed the game, surfed the web, found a cheat, start the game, and badabing a badaboom, a hey presto sir. Or even just visit IGN to see a review of a game before i buy it off the psn store. And i often visit n4g on my ps3, its wicked on a big tv, i can lay on the floor with my own music from my ps3 playing. Its far more convient having everything you'll ever need in one box. Plus i can also download themes for my ps3 through its web. Trust me, you'd like the feature if you had it.

kewlkat0073847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

then you have to ask yourself as a console manufacturer (What is your strategy?) Open console with the freedom of a PC or a somewhat close architecture with a potential for lineancy?

-Sony's is def going after the do it all console and of course you can't blame them since Blu-Ray was a big Trojan horse and a big factor in the format war. It was essential the PS3 can deliver with it's media capabilities.

-Nintendo is slowly coming along to real Next-gen Hardware. (well it has been their strategy/choice to keep things cheap innovative and simple.

-MS is still a newcomer in the gaming industry. They just happen to have a favorable architecture within all it's divisions that could streamline Xbox 360, with most of their products if they wanted to but being the under dog, I think "Games" and "Marketshare" are the most important here, to them.

*But looking at each strategies do you really need a console with every feature in the world to be successful?

You take a look at past consoles and how they did without HDDs and Online aspect. There were some great consoles in my time. While some eventually failed, it was "NOT" because they were lacking "these "FEATURES" we have come to talk about or need all the sudden. It comes down to the Bottom line GAMES GAMES GAMES...and recouping Market-Share from every type of gamer, if possible.

I have a Samsung "4671" LCD HDtv and I do use the PS3 as my Media unit, it seems to do well at that but I game on my 360 much more. Being able to update the themes on the PS3 through the Browser is awesome, something I doubt we will see on the 360 because Ms architecture/strategy is different. It's not that they can't but maybe that is not the most important thing "As of now". For me I have all the console so I don't give a sh^t. Anything people talk on here about, I can do.

I rather MS concentrate on new "IP's" and "Franchises" because it is still trying to establish its Brand name in this business, unlike Sony and Nintendo, and them two can afford to take higher risk.

IdleLeeSiuLung3847d ago

I can tell you that MS software especially their operating system is among the best code in the world. If you actually look at some inside information, their code has among the fewest number of bugs per unit line of code.

It is just that their software is used so much that much more attention is given to them. Last I checked, just for the FireFox that people used to hail as the more secure browser, both IE and Firefox are neck in neck on bug reports (just casual observation in news sites).

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BeaArthur3847d ago

How about the ability to preview a theme before I fork over the money for it. I mean if it's not going to be free like the PS3's at least let me look at what I am buying before I buy it; especially since there are no refunds.

BeaArthur3847d ago friend you just got yourself some bubbles.

Bleucrunch3847d ago

Why in the world do they charge for themes.....are you kidding me that is something that I will never put money towards....makes no sense at all.

Truplaya3847d ago

I've never bought a theme, i always go with the free ones. There are some good free ones. GTA4, Halo3, GoW, GoW2, Alien vs Predator, and so on

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