Games For Heroes - Needing Video Game Handhelds for Troops overseas ..

"We began a letter writing campaign known as: "Cheer Up the Troops", and have already collected over 700 letters from the students and staff and with the help of of Missouri, we forwarded them to Iraq along with candy.

Next to letters, the most requested item is any kind of battery operated hand held video device including Gameboys, PSPs, and Nintendo DSs. Most of the soldiers are under 20. Our goal is to collect 10,000 game machines, batteries and games. We need your help. They can be new or used, as long as they are still working."

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Shadow Man3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

The army is using the xbox control.
Scientist are using the Cell.
Doctors using the Wii remote for their patients.

Jinxstar3897d ago

I was deployed for 16 months. It sucked how many consoles we went through due to dirt. Handhelds are nice but I think they would like consoles more. 90% of them don't move around at all and those that do don't very much...