Harmonix and EA cross wires on Rock Band DLC pricing

Despite EA saying that Rock Band's European tracks cost 160 MS Points both in a press release and an email yesterday, Harmonix has now claimed that songs will be priced in exactly the sames way as the US version - starting at 80 Points.

"It's the same pricing, the exact same model as we have in the States," Harmonix's Rob Kay told Eurogamer. "Most songs are 160 Microsoft Points, and some of them are 80 Points - generally if they're more like indie songs or something, we'll put them in at 80 Points. So you'll be paying the exact same price for DLC. There are two price brackets that we use globally, and the DLC will cost the same globally."

Rock Band launches on May 23 in Europe, according to EA. But it might not. Who knows?

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Rattles3934d ago

they should be free ya rip off cunts, we all know these songs can fit on blu-ray and it dont look good when there released the same day as the game.

FreeMonk3934d ago

Your comment is the best I've heard all day! A Bubble for you!!!

LittleMagnet3934d ago

I'm going to go ahead and assume you have no idea what licensing music entails. I thought most people would be smart enough to assume that it's not free.

Farsendor13934d ago

whoever disagreed with you is an idiot.

xhairs3934d ago

Where the hells my stand-a-lone guitar? I still can't play 4 players you a-holes. Not to mention I've gone through 1 guitar and 2 drum sets now, bastards!!!

xplosneer3933d ago

They're concerned about download pricing? Try fixing the original pricing first thank you very much.