Dead Or Alive 5 Characters Are Crossing Into A Sega Game

Sega lent a few characters from their Virtua Fighter series to Tecmo Koei for Dead or Alive 5. Now, Tecmo Koei is returning the favor with a Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate crossover for Sega’s popular Vita game Samurai & Dragons.

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LoaMcLoa2674d ago

"Gotta go fast! Ooh.. OH! Too fast.."

SexyGamerDude2674d ago

When am I getiing a DOA Xtreme 3? That's what I want.

CC-Tron2674d ago

Who cares? I thought this was hinting at a possible Virtua Fighter 6. Oh well.

fsfsxii2673d ago

I don't think that would work. I never touched the VF characters in DOA5. I think they're just out of place. Same thing goes for Kratos in MK9.