So what about that red ring of death? Xbox boss tells all - Hear all about it from the mouth of head of Xbox UK writes: "On this week's Tech Weekly podcast, Bobbie Johnson meets with head of Xbox UK Neil Thompson to demand answers.

Yes, we've talked about this before, but now you can hear it from the source himself. Thanks to your input and Bobbie's sheer doggedness, we get answers about the red ring of death, the UK's price point and the first-person-shooter-centric games library.

My favourite part, though, is his first question: on the topic of Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD, how does it feel to back the losing horse?"

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Cyrus3654616d ago

Interesting podcast, with the side-stepping the whole red ring issue.

MURKERR4616d ago

he stepped in but never answered the question really about the now infamous RROD

decapitator4616d ago (Edited 4616d ago )

Yeah interesting indeed. Just finised listening to it. You know if I had submitted this, it would be real hot because of the title I would give it but yours is good as well..:P

EDIT: The sounds very modest. I mean going through the same process after his 360 RRODED says a lot you know.

Cyrus3654616d ago

Yeah but i just went with the title of the podcast...I could have put UK Boss own's 360 went RROD, but likely would have had people complainning that I made a "Creative title".

Massacre4616d ago

But thats the truth though ? nonetheless, thanks for posting. It shares light on some things we did not know.

Cyrus3654616d ago

people don't like the the "Truth"...

wallace10004616d ago

To true dude, lots of people hate the truth on this site. I lost 3 bubbles because i said i wouldn't buy a PS3 as a blu-ray player because it can't bitstream HD audio over HDMI.

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Fishy Fingers4616d ago (Edited 4616d ago )

But there's only 2 thing's I'd like to know.
1. The actual cause of it.
2. Exact number of reported case's.

But I'm guessing he doesn't answer either?

BeaArthur4616d ago

I'm in the same boat as you, I can't listen at work but I can almost guarantee you that he does not answer either. I definitely know that they will take the actual number of failures to their graves.

Fishy Fingers4616d ago

I'll get my shovel then....

BeaArthur4616d ago

Honestly does anyone ever expect Microsoft to step up to the plate and answer the critics? I mean what would they say? It's a no win situation for them unless they are prepared to sink billions into compensating everyone and completely redesigning the machine (which won't happen). The only time I ever really see them addressing the issue is when they are preparing to launch the 720 and they are trying to address the inevitable hardware concerns.

Cyrus3654615d ago

Pretty much 100% correct.

kingme714616d ago

He made an interesting point. 12-15 year olds associate MS with the XBox instead of Windows and all the PC products most of us think about when we think MS. I wonder in what way they perceive MS?

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The story is too old to be commented.