5 Remakes Perfect For The PlayStation Network

ThreeSpeech feature a guest article from PS3 Attitude that details the five old-school games that should be remade for the PlayStation Network.

Excerpt from ThreeSpeech:

"The PSN is all about easily accessible games that are simple to play. Just look at the brilliance of games like Everyday Shooter, Super Stardust HD, PAIN and Warhawk.

Of course, Super Stardust HD is a remake of an old Amiga title I used to play. Warhawk is similarly an old IP brought back to life.

So when I was looking for games that could be re-imagined for the PSN I decided on a few criteria that would be most important; they should be instantly accessible, they have to be fun, they need to have been loved in the past by many and they should be able to be remade in a small, downloadable package.

So sit back, relax and read about the top 5 games from my youth I'd like to see re-imagined for the PlayStation Network."

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Bathyj3845d ago

I'd much rather have
Golden Axe
Bubble Bobble

Tomdc3845d ago

I'd love to have the "Classic" PS2 Games put on the store. I mean they take away BC for PS2 games because we apparently don't need it??? and then they expect people to buy PS1 games...

Am I the only one who doesn't see the logic?

okcomputer3845d ago

The logic is that the ps2 is still a top selling console, and people are still buying the hard copies of the games. No point in putting them on psn for us to dl for cheap when they can still charge full price for new versions of the games.

aftrdark213845d ago

and i'll say it again. River City Ransom! Prob one of the best games on nes. 2nd i'd say Double Dragon II.

kapedkrusader3845d ago

There are a million other games I'd rather see re-made way better than these five. Games that are iconic like Bionic Commando and Street Fighter 2. Both these games are coming soon and everyone wants them. I believe that is the right formula, not the likes of the five games are shown which are ambiguous to the majority of casual gamers.

SKUD3845d ago

Am I the only one that liked Intelligent Cube for the PS1?

Scarfy3845d ago

Team 17 were making a version of Alien Breed for the PS2, back in 2002. It was called Alien Breed 2K4, but was shelved when they couldn't attract publisher interest.

You can find screens (okay, maybe one) if you Google Alien Breed 2K4

To have this as a downloadable PSN title would be great!

Close_Second3845d ago

...was great fun and the sequel was even better. There are a few Team 17 games that should be given the treatment. However, I would love to see the Cinemaware classic "Wings" get a full next-gen makeover. Sure we have dogfights in Warhawk but to me it still is not as much fun as it was in Wings.


also don't forget about.the original shinobi,trojan,california games and super contra

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