Firefox 3 Beta 5 vs Safari 3.1 Round 2: Disable Extensions

Arstechnica writes:

"After we ran the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark on Firefox 3b5 last week, I got an e-mail from Mike Schroepfer from Mozilla:

A few folks noticed your article on Firefox 3 Beta 5. Your numbers don't seem to match tests I've run-by chance did you have Firebug (or any other extensions) installed? Firebug instruments many parts of the browser and thus will impact perf results. Either use a clean profile or disable all extensions from the addons manager to get pure results."

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decapitator3897d ago

It seems all results put the Firefox on top of the Safari and I have no probles with that. Both browsers are great and GENERATIONS ahead of IE.

Adamalicious3896d ago

Did you even look at the chart? F3b5 with no extensions running benchmarked slightly faster than Safari 3.1, but slightly slower than the WebKit (aka Safari) nightly build. Since neither FF3 nor the latest Safari build tested are released shouldn't we be comparing those two?

Kakkoii3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

We shouldn't even be comparing ANY DAMN BETA's..

Just wait till the final version is out.. Benchmark them.. And then people can start gloating about which is the best.

Because right now, it really doesn't matter since there Beta's.

LevDog3896d ago

Ya Ive been happy with Firefox.. Ive been on the Firefox 3 beta 5 for 2 weeks now.. its much fast and simplier.. the only thing I hate is there is no new tabs button.. I have to go to file then add new tab.. IE has a lil box you can hit to make a new tab.. but other than that I love firefox

REbirth3896d ago

it has a "new tab" button! right-click on menu (refresh, back, stop) and go customize...u will see a "new tab" icon there;) good luck

Suki033896d ago

I usually use the quick key "ctrl + t" to open a new tab, it's much faster to me.

juandren3896d ago

@2.2 Clearly you're not a lazy person... I like to sit back with just the mouse in my hand. Ctrl+T is effort lol

Kholinar3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

"@2.2 Clearly you're not a lazy person... I like to sit back with just the mouse in my hand. Ctrl+T is effort lol"

It's funny, cause most people think that way. I mean, you use what you like, but...

I've been using a lot of launcher apps like QuickSilver on the Mac or Launchy on the PC and it made me realize how inefficient most mouse operations are.

I can push control-space and type two letters and have an app going and continue working/typing without ever having to leave the keyboard. Control-C, Control-T, Control-V and Enter is one of my fave combos when someone posts a text link, much faster than anything anyone can do with a mouse and you can do it blind.

So yeah, the mouse seems easy, but sometimes a good keyboard shortcut is far superior. Control-T is definitely so, except in cases when I'm about to grab something out of my bookmarks bar. Then I double-click to the right of my last tab and I'm off.

My basic rule is, if I'm having to go to two or three different places with the mouse, each a reasonable distance from each other on the screen, I try to use a shortcut instead.

To sum up, I'm a lazy bastard. That's why I use a keyboard for a lot of things.

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LevDog3896d ago

YESSSSSSSSS.. HAHA I like your moves REbirth.. It worked.. Ok firefox is now hands down better than IE

Bonsai12143896d ago

woot.. webkit nightly ftw...

for those of you who don't know, webkit is basically safari's beta

Adamalicious3896d ago

Yes, the WebKit nightly build is the dev version of Safari, but WebKit is much more than just Safari - Dashboard, Mai, and other OS X apps are built using it.