What Do You Think of the August 2013 PlayStation Plus Free Games in North America and Europe?

"Something we’ll start doing going forward is discussing the PlayStation Plus freebies each month and what we think of them. Instead of getting every single PSLS writers’ opinion on the matter, as we do with every other Ask PSLS, we’ll just have one or two people addressing the North American free games, with Sebastian handling the European free games." - PSLS

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TrendyGamers2765d ago

I think they're okay. Europe wins in my books.

Foolsjoker2765d ago

I think we have seen more than enough quality things in the US. I don't see what the big deal is.

TrendyGamers2765d ago

"I don't see what the big deal is." That's the reason Europe is winning.

Foolsjoker2765d ago

At least we don't have it as bad as Canada ehh.

HeavenlySnipes2765d ago

Canada and the US get the same thing...

EU pays more for PS+ than we do. If I were one of them playing 50 pounds for a membership ($77 dollars) while North American members pay $50 I'd imagine me wanting better stuff.

HammadTheBeast2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Just letting it be known that what Japan PS+ gets s*** on what other regions get (in terms of value).

2765d ago
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FlameHawk2765d ago

Ok? People should NOT complain at all. I hate how people complain all the damn time with the awesome deal they are getting. Almost $1500 worth of games for $50 and people complain.

joe902765d ago

$1500? you get games that are worth $10 at the time of showing on PS+.....make it $200 and you are talking sense. still PS+ is a good deal, its the whole not subscribing again and losing the them games that bothers me.

elhebbo162765d ago

@joe most of the AAA games on psplus are AT LEAST $20. the PSN games range from $5-15. I'm not sure where are you pulling $200 out from, it was proven that if you add up everything PSplus has to offer since the beginning you would get $1500 or more in total.

joe902765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

NA need to stop complaining, majority of the free PS+ stuff goes to you, soon as we get something good you complain.

You pay $399 for a PS4....we pay £399. $399 = £260 BUT Nooooo we have to play ball with the U S of A and get scammed.

deep_fried_bum_cake2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

It's actually £350, but yeah we are still getting shafted with the cost even after tax is added to the US purchase.

joe902765d ago

@deep_fried_bum_cake.....Exact ly.

with Amazon UK Selling it at £350 is still a scam compared to the currency translation.

Nearly £100 difference, NA would cry if it was the other way round. If it was £350 in the UK it would be $530,

In the EU/UK we get robbed on early access,price and LTD Editions

OC_MurphysLaw2765d ago

LOL. ... you could move. ;-)

jamz42765d ago

also a lot of new releases on psn are £60 (over $90), with plenty well over £40

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avengers19782765d ago

Free hitman, that's a win for me. One of the games I wanted to play, but never got around to it.

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Silly gameAr2765d ago

I think people need to realize how much value they get from PSplus no matter the region.

Kingthrash3602765d ago

they need to realize free sh*t ALWAYS smells good.

admiralvic2765d ago

But nothing is free... you're paying for a subscription and part of the subscription is a rental to a finite number of games. I agree with your point, but don't trivialize those who want more bang for their buck.

Kingthrash3602765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

how can you want more bang for your buck though? for people who have ps+ this game is free. for thos who dont..19.99. I under stand plus has a subscription cost for 17.99 3mo and 49.99 1yr...but hitman costing 19.99 retail is $2 more that getting 3months of plus including this game....not to mention a game collection worth well over $100 with games that are playable on psp,psv,ps3 and soon enough ps4.
so to me its free because it pays for itself the second you pay for plus.
so wanting more bang for your buck after a deal as unbelievable as this is asking far too could so easily charge 10$ extra for the instant game collection and it still would be worth it. all people complaining need to learn to be greatful...not many companies give away free QUALITY content.

admiralvic2765d ago

"how can you want more bang for your buck though? for people who have ps+ this game is free."\

But it is not. The game is only yours for as long as you pay for plus and it is part of the price you pay. Would you pay $50 dollars to have online storage, additional discounts and auto downloads? No. For most people the value is in the IGC, which is what you're paying for and even then you don't own it, just a rental till you stop paying.

".but hitman costing 19.99 retail is $2 more that getting 3months of plus including this game"

And? If I don't want Hitman, then the games value is irrelevant. Just like how people complain about fighting games. If they don't want them, then their value is irrelevant. Thats what this all comes down to. You can claim the gratefulness thing all you want, but it honestly makes you sound like a sucker.

A lot of the free games have been used to hype their upcoming game. You're paying for the program, so you in turn have the right to complain. And finally, it seems like SCEA isn't listening too hard to fans. People keep saying no more fighters, yet we keep getting more fighters. So on and so forth.

Kingthrash3602765d ago

look back and fourth isnt getting anywhere I see , so lets agree to disagree....
all in all ps+ is a great deal but can be better...people will always complain even if it was totally free no subscription.
im bored if you or anyone on n4g have nba2k13 or battlefield 3 or tekken on ps3 hit me up on psn "kingthrash". we can settle this argument there.

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jdktech20102765d ago

Hitman would be awesome but I have too many games to play as it is (Thank you Steam) and I'm really looking forward to Splinter Cell and Saints Row IV.

levian2765d ago

Hitman is a pretty great game, I'd download it but I bought it on release (big mistake considering the price drop). I may end up trading it in and downloading it though!

Gamesgbkiller2765d ago

I enjoyed playing Mafia 2.

Can't wait for next moth ;)

joe902765d ago

wait till night time, turn on a light and you will get next months PS+ for free LOL

SillyYou2765d ago

Lol people complain about which games they get for $5 each month. Dumb.

Also its more for those people who have not that many games, i've read so much comments: Ahhh i already have all of the games the last 3 months", then why are you even subcribed for the instant game collection if you already played every fuc*ing game on the planet?

People those days...

admiralvic2765d ago

"then why are you even subcribed for the instant game collection if you already played every fuc*ing game on the planet? "

Are you really suggesting that people who play the games a lot (and in turn can use some of the other features like cloud storage) should be okay if they own all the offerings for a long expanse of time? I can usually get $50 dollars of worth out of plus, but the vast majority of games I've gotten have been things I didn't want to play and have no intention of playing. Can't say I am thrilled about that, but it's all the luck of the draw.

T22765d ago

see I used to think like that but now I have so many "older" games that I don't have time for TLOU and others... so I will wait till a good plus sale comes up for TLOU and Ni No K..... just like I waited on SR3, UC3 and max payne 3

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