Nokia Confirms Its iPhone Killer: Nokia Tube ; First Pictures of iPhone Killer

During his speech at Evans Data developer conference in the US, Tom Libretto, vice president of Forum Nokia confirmed that the Finnish company is working on a new phone, a touch screen, called for the moment Tube.

Still, Tom Libretto didn't give away to many details about the Tube. "It's our first touch device," he said.

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decapitator3847d ago

Again Nokia ? They are really bent on really 'Killing' the iPhone.

Fishy Fingers3847d ago

Meh... looks like a touch screen N95.

The Iphones success will be largely related to the user generated 3rd party apps. Untill another phone gains "developer" support such as the Iphone (or PSP) no one stands a chance. You listening Nokia, give us an SDK please! itunes doesnt exactly hurt either.

Plus on a Ooooooh scale from 1-10, the iphone remains king.

decapitator3847d ago

Is an n95 rehash, whiles am all for the next big thing that comes along in the phone department, I seriously doubt that, an iPhone clone will be doing anything damaging.

Bleucrunch3847d ago

This is Nokia they are really good at what they do so I wont sleep on this yet, I dont the big hype with the iPhone but Nokia is a different story so I would buy it.

chasuk083847d ago

looks like a piece of crap. No phone (especially the horrid nokias) can rival the beauty of the iphone. The only phones that can compare to iphone imo are the LG's

belal3847d ago

NOKIA and SONY is the best phones out there.

samsung is meh same design over and over again.

kosha3847d ago

allright how can this be gaming news i mean the sites called news for gamers for gods sake

Fishy Fingers3847d ago

Industry section. Pay attention.

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