Customs fee woes soon to end

Darkzero writes: "Ever had to tearfully part with that bit of extra cash once you receive a game you imported? It's one of the most annoying things ever, and a gamble most play with when they choose to import, and then possibly end up having to pay tax on that item as it enters the country.

Well, it seems that will soon be at an end, as the import VAT limit is seeing a huge increase all across Europe. It will rise from a meager €22 (£18) up to a massive €150 (£118). The new limit is more than enough to import most games, DVDs, and many other items without having to worry about Customs looking to take that little bit more from your wallet.

Unfortunately, there is not much use in getting excited just yet, as the new law won't be going into effect until December 1st of this year."

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