CVG: Ikaruga Review - 'Get some NUTS'

CVG writes: "When it comes to vertical shooters, we're pretty easy to please. All it needs are a few giant bosses, an insane number of bullets and a difficulty curve that goes from easy to insultingly MENTAL in half a level.

The good news is that Ikaruga has all that. This is the stuff we're all about; An alien-looking ship thingy that resembles nothing you've ever seen in real life appears and, no questions asked, unloads a BA-ZILLION bullets in your direction and in the direction you were about to move into. He wants you dead, by the way.

But, for those of you who've never been fortunate enough to have played Ikaruga before, it has so much more than your ordinary crazy shooter."

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kewlkat0073843d ago

I might get this one. Loved it on the Dreamcast.

PirateThom3843d ago

I urge everyone to get this.

I was going to wait until Friday, but played the demo and was more or less forced to buy it then and was, once again, hooked to Ikaruga.

Either this or Rez for best XBLA title.