OXM UK: SBK '08 Preview - Putting the 'new' in neeeEEAAaaww

OXM UK writes: "There's something irresistible about the siren call of the motorbike, but if you're at least 20 per cent insane and have ten grand to spend, why not go one step further and treat yourself to a superbike?

Straddling the line between motorbikes and rockets, superbikes should be familiar to anyone who's stumbled across one in GTA and promptly launched themselves into a wall at 200mph. They're phenomenal machines, and as our playtest of SBK-08 Superbike World Championship proved, the game's all in learning to tame them. When you're sliding in a car, you look cool. But when you're sliding on a superbike, you're probably just looking at the tarmac, scraping the skin from your bones. Plus there's the risk of toppling forward or backward if you accelerate or brake too hard, or lean the wrong way."

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