Prototype: New shots, not for the kids

New Prototype screenshots have emerged from the game's newly-launched website. Go mental, they're below these words.

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MK_Red3868d ago

Sexy indeed.
Must have. Those bloody shots look good. Hopefully they upgrade the graphics a bit more.

King20083869d ago

Lets hope it all comes together. So far seems like a worthy addition to my ever growing library of games.

yanikins1113869d ago

Could they have put in any more fog? Looks like beijing in rush hour. Looks pretty bloody average to me.

PR0F3TA3869d ago

can't wait... 08' is an exiting time to be a gamer and multiply that by 5 if you own a PS3

joebahrjoebahr3869d ago

no matter what you own it wil be a good year

micro_invader3869d ago

looking very good, although I want a bit more gameplay vids.

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