Mario Baseball, Disaster coming this year? (More Famitsu Japanese Wii release dates)

Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball ? June 19 / 5,800 yen (tax included)
Disaster: Day of Crisis ? July 3 / 6,800 yen (tax included)

If these dates are to be believed, it's quite possible that the North American audience will receive these games this year. Usually, games are released in North America a few weeks/months after they are released in Japan. So, it's definitely possible that we'll see these games fairly soon, or perhaps even before they come out in Japan.

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Shadow Flare3939d ago

Bloody hell. Are there any sports left mario can try? Mario bear baiting....just make some decent new titles nintendo. I think they know they're key to success which is the family/casual market, and therefore they release stuff (and i use the word 'stuff' loosely) like this. Cos this is the sort of thing that seems to sell well on the wii. Nintendo, you sell alot of stuff, but unfortunately its mainly horse trollop.

PS360WII3939d ago

Disaster is a game I hope is coming out this year. That should be a fun gaming time right there.

ItsDubC3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

It seems that most of the ppl that hate on Nintendo (at least on this site) for not having any new IP yet or for the company's lack of mature-themed games either have no idea that Disaster: DoC exists or choose to write it off as a failure preemptively.

desolationstorm3939d ago

I usually enjoy the mario sport titles, nice way to get people that are not into sports to play a sports game. I was interested in mario baseball, but then I got mlb power pros and that game is everything I could want from a baseball game, but if its got good motion and multiplayer I could see myself getting it down the road.

As for Disaster Im excited to see how it turns out when it arrives seems interesting.

leon763939d ago

Mario baseball, many games of mario nintendo will do to mask the COMPLETLY LACK OF GAMES from 3rd party, and the completly lack of originality to lauch new franchises for the crapy wiiiiiii????!!!!