"Come on Nintendo, we need a hard drive," says Rock Band dev

Rob Kay, design director at Harmonix and on Rock Band, has blamed the lack of storage space as the primary reason why Wii Rock Band owners will not be able to download extra songs via DLC.

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PR0F3TA3844d ago

i haven't heard the end of it from Wii users about this... they keep mentioning SD cards as an alternative, but i'm sure they don't even grasp how DLC works and they think they can have it on multiple SD cards and the game will load them with no problem. doesn't work that way

the only solution: Nintendo supported HDD. (and a less broken online system to play with)

Mother always said you get what you pay for *hehe*

nirwanda3844d ago

you can get sd cards now that can store up to 16gb which is bigger than the space you have access to on a 360 premium 20gb hdd

Voiceofreason3844d ago

Last time I checked a 2 gig SD card could hold plenty of DLC. It is funny how some companies can use SD cards for DLC but some how these guys cant figure it out.

PR0F3TA3844d ago

you both don't grasp how ROCK BAND DLC works... its 4 tracks that need to be processed simultaneously and all in real time and you actually expect SD to be that solution?

not to metion how much space the pre-rendered videos will take up because the Wii does not process the background video in real-time. Its all pre recorded videos from the PS3/360 version. The transfer speed of the SD card is almost a joke for a game like this

tl;dr - SD Cards won't work

Max Power3844d ago

"But, But, But... Hard-drives aren't innovative, unless you can make the disc move by having your feet tapping continuously. Yes thats it!"

PS360WII3844d ago

I certainly wouldn't mind a harddrive :)

ItsDubC3844d ago

I'm inclined to agree. Allowing the use of a harddrive would increase the usability and potential for the Wii by magnitudes. It sucks for ppl who download a lot of VC games and soon WiiWare titles to have to re-download the games/apps whenever they run out of space. I know I'm probably gonna get pissed after downloading so many WiiWare titles to have to delete/re-download. It's just not an optimal solution from a usability standpoint.

Additionally, as demonstrated by this interview, 3rd-parties want the Wii to have a harddrive so they can release DLC (and software patches, which I hate but that's an entirely different discussion).

Snipes203843d ago

Then I bet there will be at least one massive internet petition to try and change Nintendo's mind. Heck, it's worth a try. They were considering it as an option a while back. SD cards are like GC memory cards in that you can keep gamesaves, and that is all they can do for now.

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