XBF Reviews Ikaruga for Xbox LIVE Arcade

Xbox Family has reviewed today's Xbox LIVE Arcade release - Ikaruga. The review seems to be pretty positive. Highlights below:

Quote: "Everything you'd expect from a great top-down shooter is present. Enemy ships, rotating turrets, and wall cannons all fill the screen with black and white death. Ikaruga's environments actually play an important part in the gameplay, which may be new to some schmup fans."

Sound - 8.5
Graphics - 8.5
Fun Factor - 9.5

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v1c1ous3934d ago

time for teh downloads!

Stryfeno13934d ago

Didn't know it was out yet.

tweaker3934d ago

I freakin love this game.

kwicksandz3934d ago

ive heard lots of people in the past raving about how great this game was and how much it would rule in arcade. played the demo but i dont see what the fuss is about. top down shooter, like 100 other arcade games

am i missing something??