Laugh All You Want But The Wii U Line Up Is Looking Pretty Good There’s no doubt about it, the Wii U will go down as one of the worst console launches of all time, if not THE WORST! After kicking everyone’s ass last generation from a sales perspective, Nintendo decided to start the next generation by going first. It sounds like a solid plan and they even called the system Wii U just so they could ride off the success from the Wii before it but they made one fatal mistake. They clearly weren’t ready and instead released a system about one year too early onto the market with nothing to play on it. Even now some 8 months later, we’re still relegated to slim pickings.

Much has been said about the Wii U since it’s launch, pretty much everyone has already poked fun at and taken jabs at Nintendo. Rightly so I might add and even I was taking shots at Nintendo last year in regards to how poorly they handled just about every aspect of the Wii U. The Wii U trashing however has gotten stale as of late and now everyone is just trying to score some hits by beating a dead horse, guys we get the point, Nintendo f**ked up.

What I’m here to do is take a look at Nintendo’s response to all the complaints, namely the lack of games for the Wii U. Pretty much every system not named Dreamcast has had a lacklustre first year but eventually many of them get going once the right games start to come along. I think the Wii U is FINALLY reaching that point where some good stuff is on the way soon and we at least have some idea of what we can expect in the more distant future.

Let’s all take a moment to put down our pitchforks and see what potentially cool stuff is coming to the Wii U.

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Neonridr2731d ago

Good Article. Lots of good games coming this fall for the Wii U. I will have tons to keep me busy as I plan on buying almost every game on that list.

2731d ago
3-4-52731d ago

Solid Freaking list:

All those games actually embrace using colors beyond yellow, brown , grey & black too so they will be nice too look at, as well as hopefully play well.

PopRocks3592731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Well for Nintendo fans at least. If people don't have an interest in Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Donkey Kong or a new IP then they probably won't get a Wii U for some time, if at all.

I personally think the lineup is decent at best and worst. Nothing massive, but hey, six good games in such a short span of time is no skin off my nose.

ABizzel12731d ago


I'm surprised by your comment, but I agree.

11 exclusives is exactly what Nintendo needs, but over half the games (which are also the heavy hitters) aren't coming until 2014 if not 2015 (Zelda U). Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Yarn Yoshi, Xenoblade, and Zelda U are all scheduled for 2014 title, but it's good to know they're at least in production.

PopRocks3592731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

I was talking mostly about the end-of-the-year lineup. The games coming out next year are far more open and eclectic.

Frankly I'm surprised by the 9 disagrees. I was just trying to be honest about the situation.

3-4-52731d ago

Yea but, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin, Rayman Legends, Mario 3D world, Sonic Lost world, Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong all drop in 2013.

Wii U being a failure won't even be an issue at this time next year.

ABizzel12731d ago


That's true but if you take the names out you end up with 4 platformers, 2 strategy games, and 1 Adventure game.

The games will sell well, but it's not going to move Wii U's outside of the normal holiday sales increase.

Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and Zelda will sell consoles (if all 3 come out next year the Wii U may even hit 10 million consoles sold in 2014). Xenoblade, Bayonetta 2 are core fan service. Now they need to show Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, etc... Nintendo can save the Wii U, but they need to get huge and anticipated titles out and soon.

Neonridr2730d ago

@ABizzel1 - I disagree with one point on your statement. Mario 3D World will move Wii U units for sure. Especially in a place like Japan.

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admiralvic2731d ago

"Frankly I'm surprised by the 9 disagrees. I was just trying to be honest about the situation."

Whys that? The second you said "if people don't have an interest in Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Donkey Kong...", you pretty much said that people that aren't in the demographic won't care. This is pretty much an irrelevant point, since Nintendo can't win these people over anyway, so nothing the Wii U does will ever get them. Just like if you don't care for Halo / Gears / Fable / Dead Rising, then logically you'll probably never get an Xbox One.

The long and short here is that Nintendo is showing a commitment to the system regardless of what people think and that's super. Will it pay off? Well nothing is set in stone till it happens, but Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was amazing and Pikmin 3 was certainly worth the wait. Either or, fans of those series (aka the Nintendo demographic) should be excited and most likely are.

PopRocks3592731d ago

I guess my comment came off far more negatively than I intended. I was actually trying to make a similar point to your second paragraph. Believe me, I do like the year-end lineup and I intend to get each game. If it had had Smash Bros. it would have been perfect, but even without that it's still pretty good.

R00bot2731d ago

Can't really be uninterested in a new IP. Not until it's announced, anyway.

PopRocks3592731d ago

That part was me being facetious. :p

R00bot2730d ago

Oh, good. I thought you might have been, didn't give you a disagree, anyway :)

kirbyu2731d ago

"Smash Bros. 'nuff said."

I like that.

Kte2731d ago

Feelin that Kirby pic!


Go Wii U!

YamiHoshi2731d ago

That's the line-up that was supposed to happen a half year ago already.
No insult towards the Wii U, but if Nintendo could release a couple of these games before, I'm absolutely sure all of those bad sales won't happen, and EA not making games for it wouldn't even happen.

3-4-52731d ago

That is because they needed 600 people working on games and only had 300-400. ( random example )

They moved people towards the 3DS games, and are moving some of those people back to Wii U, to give it the same "tons of games" treatment the 3DS got.

It took 3DS 2 years to start dominating.

It will take Wii U 2 years to start being respectable and being back to good old Nintendo.

YamiHoshi2730d ago

Hey, I'm a Wii U and 3DS Game Developer too!
Nintendo themselves are actively Updating the Wii U all the time behind the scenes, but these are irrelevant to gamers.
Me being an Indie Game Developer with a Team of 2 people (including myself), we're very dependent on the Unity3D Platform.
We'd be pleased to release something on the Wii U already, but Unity3D is still in Beta, and Nintendo doesn't accept any submissions made with Unity3D, as long as it remains in Beta.
I also have the choice to use the Unreal SDK, but I'm not a fan of FPS games, though.

ibroman2730d ago

Actually EA is not making games for it is because Nintendo rejected their crappy Origin.

Ol_G2730d ago

Ea screwing Nintendo is nothing new and nothing would change that as support already stopped before release of the console Ea made a decission to invest all their money in ps4 and x1 thats why all their old ports were half assed

_QQ_2731d ago

So far it has the best upcoming game lineup if we are talking about 2013 and 2014.Other than PC of course.

AbortMission2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

That's subjective. Some people don't like playing the same rehashed IPs over and over (Mario) and would actually like to play other IPs (Metroid, Star Fox, F Zero)

awesomeabe19982730d ago

I agree with the part about the rehashed IP's and the part about playing different IP's, but dont ever use Mario as an example of a rehashed IP. HAHAHAHAHA

ibroman2730d ago

You do know that there have only been 1 or 2 mario's of each genre on every console right?

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