The top 10 most expensive consoles in history, PS4 at 33rd & Xbox One at 18th

Consoles can be expensive. Yes, we are looking at you PS3! Maybe it’s not fair to single out the PS3 because it doesn’t even make it into the top 10. It’s nestled comfortably outside at number 12. Yep, a console that cost $600 back in 2006 doesn’t feature. You have to wonder what goes through the mind of a company to slap such a high RRP on console that inevitably seals their fate for failure.

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golding893087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Neo Geo .smh..way to expensive back then .

Had good specs but the price tag killed it.

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thebudgetgamer3087d ago

It was an arcade machine in your living room.

crxss3086d ago

This is a really good top 10. Definitely gives insight as to how pricing can help a console succeed.

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HugoDrax3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

As spoiled as I was, and I mean spoiled my mom would not buy me one lol. She never bought me a power glove, and she never bought me a NEO GEO. I asked for both, but I guess she knew what was good for me as it definitely would have been a waste of money hahaha!

I say waste of money because I would have owned like one game for it. I remember in the back of my EGM Magazines (which I still own in my possession) they would have the prices for NEO GEO games - $125+ lol. I'm going to post a pic in a few of an advertisement for NEO GEO games from an old EGM Mag.

HugoDrax3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Here are some Advertisements from a few vintage EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) mags I own from 1994.

-Neo Geo Add (Look at that Price! Magazine from May 1994, issue #58)

-Sega Saturn Add (Look at that Price! Magazine from April 1994, issue #57)

-Atari Jaguar Add (Magazine from June 1994, issue #59)

-Included this because I thought it was hilarious to see Sega's version of what KINECT is today. We give KINECT such a hard time for false advertisement, but we would have murdered Sega for implying we could physically do a SHORYUKEN and KEN would do it as well lol.

Gamingcapacity3086d ago

Thank you for the great post. Nice to see retro ads.

Ol_G3086d ago

i didn't know that activator even existed till now never saw it in the stores when i was little funny stuff i didn't look at the prices back then i just wanted it

HugoDrax3086d ago


No problem, you're welcome. I have over 150 vintage EGM/EGM2/Next Generation/GamePro magazines from the 90's still in great condition. Back when I had a subscription to each mag, I had to get my gaming fix at all times.

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VTKC3086d ago

it was the games that were expensive. I remember seeing World Heroes 2 for over 300! But I looked over to the console and it was 200 or less. That's was confusing for me. I was just a kid back then.

darthv723086d ago

i can be proud to say i have 6 of those top 10 in my collection. Missing would be the
RDI Halcyon
Bally Astrocade
Apple Pippin
Odyssey 2

Gamingcapacity3086d ago

Wow! What a collection you have there.

NexGen3086d ago

I had the odyssey 2, and it was excellent. Grqphics were better than atari at the time (2bit compared to 4bit lol), and it was a nice system. It was never touched again once Christmas of 1987 happened, and I got my first Nintendo.

teedogg803086d ago

Yeah, I remember wanting one so bad.

wishingW3L3086d ago

not to mention the games were sold for like $150 each!

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abzdine3087d ago

Neo Geo is by far one of the best consoles ever made. Games released on it were just magic!
i spent a lot of money playing Metal Slug, Art of Fighting, KoF, Samurai Showdown in arcade. best memories

Minute Man 7213087d ago

Today's generation - "What's an arcade?"

Game4life3087d ago

i remember going to them as a little kid though i still had a nes and a snes. But they were fun

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Wagz223086d ago

Health bar? You mean I can't hide in the corner for 5 seconds and regain all my health?!

3086d ago
Gamingcapacity3086d ago

"What do you mean I have start the entire game again?"

solidt123086d ago

I miss going to the Tilt Arcade in St. Louis and Playing Double Dragon, Mortal Combat, Galaga, and Ninja Turtles with four players. The Good ole Days.

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Aceman183087d ago

word up man Neo Geo was awesome. the one game i loved playing was Baseball 2020 best baseball game i've ever played next to Bases Loaded and The Show.

HugoDrax3086d ago

HELL YEAH! my brother and I use to play the hell out of Super Baseball 2020. I had Super Baseball 2020 for Genesis, matter of fact it may still be in my closet boxed up along with the rest of my vintage console collection.

Found It, lmao! I'm about to connect my sega and play it now. Thanks for the memories.

Aceman183086d ago


Lol NP man me and my brother did the exact same thing.

Love the name he's my favorite bond villain in my favorite bond movie.

Back on baseball 2020 I wonder why it hasn't been released on any of the current systems.

HaMM4R3086d ago

Nothing beats the Neo Geo intro music

ape0073087d ago

agreed 100%, every game on that system is at least a 9.0 game, seriously

theWB273087d ago

2500 bucks for the RDI Halycon...crap that's awesome. It's the XboxOne with 1983 technology.

tommygunzII3086d ago

It did have a feature where you talk to it. "Taking the controller out of your hands"
Where have we heard that before?

theWB273086d ago

Goes to show how many people listened to the description in the video. The disagree is so powerful it seems : )

AlexanderNevermind3087d ago

Good break from the ongoing next gen war. Brought back some old and fond memories of my gaming youth. I've owned 9 systems myself over the yrs dating back to the 2600.

Aceman183087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

i owned the

CD-I(i had my mom buy that for me when i was a kid lol)
i played my god brothers colecovision a lot lol

these were the old systems i had back in the days before i bought my first playstation.

AlexanderNevermind3087d ago

2600 (I was maybe 7/8 yrs old)
Sega Genesis (I actually forgot this one!)

and of course have pre-ordered the PS4

Man I'm getting old(hence the forgetfulness lol)!!!

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Gamingcapacity3086d ago

Dizzy was amazing. I think I had it for the Spectrum ZX. I played the emulated version on my laptop recently and found the controls fiddly. I knew it was hard back then but it seemed super hard.

Maybe we've been spoiled to much with great game mechanics over the years.

supergravity3086d ago

All game systems I've owned in the past...

Atari 2600 (I was 4)
Commodore 64
NES (Zelda!)
Nintendo Game and Watch
Sega Master System
NEC TGX 16 (all in one with CD)
NEC TGX 16 portable
Super NES
Sega Genesis
Atari Jaguar
Nintendo 64
Playstation (the memories)
Sega DreamCast (one of my all-time favorites)
XBOX 360 (only one that's ever really failed on me, original NES and 2600 could be coaxed back to life)
PS3 (Thank you Sony)
and my first PC purpose built for games didn't really know what I was nissing (definitely missing some $ in the wallet, lol) now I've been playing on PC for quite some time aka original Wolfenstein and DOOM, but I'd never gone out and ground up built a gaming PC, what fun! I've been gaming with my Dad since the 2600, it's been awesome.
I've been gaming 33 out of my 37, I guess I can now consider myself hardcore! lol

darthv723086d ago

The screen isnt long enough to list all the systems i own.

Lets just say all major platforms from pong to current gen and several obscurities in between.

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Aceman183086d ago

yea the latest systems i bought were


supergravity3086d ago

Can't forget about the PS4 I preordered immediately after watching E3...If you saw the list above realize this, every single one of them was bought after launch, to say I'm jacked for the PS4 is an understatement! I literally cannot wait, I just want to hold and caress it, lol!