Sony Unveils PS3 Box, Accessory Photos

Today, Sony updated its official press site with new art of the PlayStation 3 box contents and accessories that will be shipping just after launch. Here's a visual tour.The first 500,000 PS3 buyers will get a free copy of Will Ferrell's latest romp. Joy!

There's just over three weeks until the PlayStation 3's US launch date (pssst...November 17th). Though supply will surely be tight, there is some good news: Sony has finally released the first public images of the in-box contents of the PS3.

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GRUNT4467d ago

It appears the outer box slides out of the "real" one

DEIx15x84467d ago

"Let me get this straight: I just paid $599, and all I get are crummy composite cables? ::Sigh::"
That sums up my reaction. They include a USB cable and an ethernet cable but don't even let you play HD games. I just spent $600 to watch blue ray movies and games and all they will let me do is SD, not even ED goes through those cables. I guess the Xbox 360 is the only console in the HD generation and 1080P and Blue-Ray obviously mean nothing since they don't want us to use them.

Yo Wassap4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

Do some work on the box sony, i really want it to look spectacular and not like a panini press as i keep saying. It's so stupid as if i say anything that's negative about the box i'll be labelled a desperate xbox fanboy. Sony this is supposed to be your masterpiece, fire the designers of that box and remote and make them look better quick. They should have put more money into the cover design as what most people don't think about in these companies is shelf apeal, if i were buying my son this i would think he wants a toaster.

Maybe the'll release a new version with a better box, for christs sake why couldn't they get that right?

I'll give some tips:
1) Make the whole thing black
2) After that make the writing white and remove the picture of the PS3
3) Put the logo a little bit off the centre of the side panel, a bit closer the the bottom
4) Put some silver line art on the base and climbing up the sides
5) Put a white and silver silhouette of the PS3 on the front

Now that would attract customers. The opposite of the 360 which is all breaking lose, make it reserved and clever which will boost the customers self esteem aswell. I should get a job doing this lol ;-)

ChickeyCantor4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

designing a box takes allot of time..........

even if they used your tips..........they would change it anyway to what it is now.

"I should get a job doing this lol"
even if you thought sh^t looks good it doesnt qualify you for anything.......XD

really allot of ppl work on the concept of something.