Going Platinum: Bayonetta 2, combat design, and the Nintendo angle

Gamasutra sat down with Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba and Yusuke Hashimoto to discuss Bayonetta 2, its development, and the role Nintendo has played in the process.

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XboxFun3003d ago

What a fantastic game.

Need4Game3003d ago

Bayonetta have gone more Conservative, Bayonetta 2016!

deafdani3003d ago

More conservative? How? The first actual glimpse of Bayo we got on its first proper trailer was a crotch shot. XD

_QQ_3003d ago

Developers already said they weren't holding anything back... nice try though.

AbortMission3003d ago

It's a shame that it's not going to sell well due to 1) being a niche title and 2) being placed in one platform that has an uncertain future

NightStalker333003d ago

Well, if it sells badly, Nintendo will be hurt, not Platinum, as they are being funded by Nintendo to do this.

Darrius Cole3003d ago

The only game on Wii U that I want.

BullyMangler3003d ago

cool huh . .Nintendo has us all .. . (:

Jag-T10003003d ago

I bought a Wii-U just for this game.

BOWZER353003d ago

I think this is good because it can draw more people into buying a Wii U. I been playing Pikmin 3, classic.

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