GTA IV PS3 bundle coming for Australia

Gaming.Tweaktown writes:

Retail sources have confirmed to us today that, on May 1st, Australians will be able to purchase a new PS3 bundle, featuring a 40GB PS3 console and a copy of Rockstar's GTA IV (you may have heard of it).

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TrevorPhillips3843d ago

im gettin this game on the xbox 360

mesh13842d ago Show
TheREALHarryEtTubMan3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

lol just stop.

Ghoul3842d ago

lol why the hell did you even mention that you buy it for the 360 this news isnt about what version you wanna buy ...

and mesh is classic as usual one long rant insulting others ^^

cybervike3842d ago

Sorry to hear that. PS3 version for me.

ruibing3842d ago

Well I only have a PS3, so obviously the PS3 version for me.

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Hapimeses3843d ago

Doesn't seem like much of a saving to me. However, I'm sure a funky bundle box will draw the eye of the casual gamer just looking for some GTA-goodness, which is the whole point, I suppose.

Anyone spotted any 360 bundles yet (not retail-created ones, obviously; actual bundles made by Microsoft)?

decapitator3843d ago

There are some online bundles but nothing official just yet. Also, the PS3 bundles will not be available at launch. Probably a month or so later.

whoelse3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Decap. It says May 1st which is a couple of days after the launch.

Anyway, if MS has no bundle of their own, then this is big. A better tactic than just cutting the price of the console because it re-associates PlayStation with GTA.

Rattles3843d ago

If microsofts got no bundels and these ones are real' sony just destroyed microsofts last chance at staying in the console war' geow could help 360 but if R2 or KZ2 blow our minds then its all in the bag.

LightningPS33843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Microsoft is pretty much calling out Sony to do something desperate.

They keep revealing their plan,

"we will price cut around GTA IV"

"we will market around GTA IV".

"We have the complete GTA IV experience".

"We will own GTA IV launch"

"We will steal the PS2 fanbase"

Don't you think Sony listened to these things?

whoelse3843d ago

Doesn't matter what Microsoft does, Sony will benefit the most from GTA IV.

Corrupt3842d ago

It is a smart business decision.

Alcohog3842d ago

All those quotes point to desperation on Microsoft's side!

Bathyj3842d ago

It is a saving, about 70 bucks, but they should have made it buy the PS3 and the game is free. Thats a lot harder deal to ignore and like someone else said, it says GTA and PS go together, but most Aussies know this already anyway.

Oui, Oui, Oui.

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