Wii price drop is "rumour and speculation" says Nintendo

"Rumour and speculation - so no comment," a Nintendo rep told VG247.

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wiizy3848d ago

there is no reason why this should be a rumor.. the wii need to have a price cut this may

Skerj3848d ago

Doesn't need a price cut, Nintendo just needs to unleash the supply.

The Goulet3848d ago

It will get a price cut right before Christmas time and that is it or my name isn't
Roooooooobbbbbeeeerrrrttt Gouuuuuuuullleeeetttt

meepmoopmeep3848d ago

the wii is way overpriced...

Stryfeno13848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

The Wii don't need a price drop until Nintendo announce another console.

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