Australian Classification Review Board says "no element of sexual violence" in SR4 anal probe weapon

The full report from the Classification Review Board regarding Saints Row 4 has been made available to the public.

The Classification Review Board recently upheld the original Classification Board’s decision to Refuse Classification to Saints Row 4 in its unedited form. This report explains some of the reasoning behind that ruling.

According to the report the Rectifier weapon, which so divided the community, was not as big of an issue as it was originally made out to be.

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kostchtchie_1903d ago

ha ha ha ha ha ha.... another bunch suites telling common man/woman what they should and should not see or do

another glorious day on slave planet earth, slave population 7 billion...

1903d ago
JackVagina1903d ago

just freaking import the damn thing

amazon UK'll probably end up cheaper too

AusRogo1902d ago

Exactly. Importing isn't hard but the fact we fought for better classification and still this stuff happens, we shouldn't have to import. Absolute bullshit

kostchtchie_1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )


as much as people can say well this only a little stupid thing within a game, when do we say NO, we are adults that can decide for ourselves what we will and will not subject ourselves too

things like this make the rating system a complete joke in some country's not just Australia

atr911902d ago

Much as I hate to admit it -R18 was only ever marketed with the aim of protecting children and not promote adult rights. I think people need to try remarketing an R18 camaign from a different angle. Not that it makes the current situation any better, mind you.

1902d ago
IanVanCheese1902d ago

Meh, Destroy all Humans had an anal probe gun that made peoples heads explode, it's hardly new territory.

atr911902d ago

Come to think about it, I think ESRB eased up on the ratings - but for some reason drug related gamplay is still tricky if it involves rewarding consumption.