5 Most Annoying Xbox & Xbox 360 Characters

XBF once again worked with it's own community and the community of GameFaqs to compile a list of the top 5 most annoying characters to grace the Xbox and Xbox 360. While it's got to be hard to limit it to just 5, their list seems pretty spot on.

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Max Power5416d ago

you know that character with all the crazy crap tattooed on his arms, whats his face....Peter Moore! annoying as all hell, its a shame xbox couldn't secure that character anymore, goin' multi.

Yi-Long5416d ago

...You'd think the guard from Fable would be on such a list. I just wanted to punch and kick children till they bled, but everytime after 1 punch some guard comes in and stops and lectures me, without me being able to stab him to death... :(

Also, the goody-goody guy from Star Wars, KOTOR... who was always distrusting, and there was always something on his mind but he didnt feel like talking, blahblah. Just for that guy, I wanted to switch to the Dark Side, and lob his head off...

GRRiMREEAPeR5416d ago

Carth from KOTOR was horrible!!! i hated him!!!!!!!

Fade_Walker5416d ago

Lol great minds think alike, when I saw this first thing though my mind was Carth.

And that guy from Enchanted Arms.

Bathyj5416d ago

1. POG
2. Mart
3. Inyourmom
4. Turdstationpee
5. or any jerk with a generic hateful username like that.

vgn245416d ago

Funniest thing I've read today. Bubbles for you

RAM MAGNUMS5416d ago

Major Mike & Trixie! Get off the screen & stay out of Live attention Hoars!

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