Interview: Miles Jacobson: Part Two - 'Industry already moving towards Hollywood model'

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "In part one of the interview with Miles Jacobson, head of Sega's Sports Interactive studio, he talked about his thoughts on the Byron Review, among other things.

Here he explains his feelings on the state of education within the games industry as well as looking at the development landscape in the UK.

Q: There's been some lively debate on the role of education within the games industry recently - what is your view on the value of games degree courses?

Miles Jacobson: I think the main problem we have at the moment is that the games industry is moving forwards so quickly, that by the time somebody starts one of these courses, it's likely to be out of date by the end of that course.

So unless there's a lot more engagement and a lot more flexibility on the actual courses themselves, then I think we will continue to have the problems."

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