Rein on Gears 2: Game Informer article was "a tidbit"

Epic boss Mark Rein has told videogaming247 that the Game Informer Gears of War 2 article that hit the web yesterday is just a "tidbit", and that the best is very much to come.

"Awesome," said Rein when asked how excited he was about the title. "I've had a chance to read the Game Informer story now and I think when people get a chance to read it they'll see that [Gears 2 is] really good. And we told the Game Informer guys just a tidbit about the game. We showed them some stuff, obviously, but we're keeping a lot of information back that will make people go, 'It's even better than this.' As good as they say it is, and they really, really like it, there's still a lot of story to open up between now and when the game ships in November… I think people will really enjoy this game."

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Mike Bowden3848d ago

teh g4m3 will b teh awe3s0mez

JasonPC360PS3Wii3848d ago

I'm dyslexic and it would take me 45min to figure out what you just typed. So I'm just going to hit agree, nod my head, and pretend I know what you just said.

patlike3848d ago

I kind of believe him, though.

P4KY B3848d ago

"Yeah woah bring it on sucker this ma kinda 5hit!"

SL1M DADDY3848d ago

Then it will be good. If it is anything better than the first one then it will be great!

PSh1t33848d ago

Even better than those scans? Impossible! This game is going to pwn!!!

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