MI6: Used Game Sales Good for the Industry

Publishers may cringe at used game sales, but research from OTX shows that the resale market is actually a positive and helps fuel new game sales as well.

The used game market is a source of consternation, confusion, and endless debate for game industry workers responsible for selling more units the first time around. At the MI6 conference in San Francisco, Eric Villain, executive vice president of Media & Entertainment Insights at research firm OTX, presented a session with some revealing truths about the video game resale market.

"We spoke to 2,000 gamers from March 14th to 17th," said Villain. They focused on the resale market. "Is it good or is it bad? For now, it's actually a good thing. And actually fuels new game sales. Used games are only a fraction of the market."

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Halo3Guy3848d ago

For months all I've been hearing is how much people hurt the industry when they go out and buy the game used at GameStop. So, instead of buying it used, people just went and subscribed to GameFly and rented the game which hurt the industry a lot more because then they're not buying it at all.