FFIV director working on unannounced title

The full Final Fantasy IV interview that was published in Nintendo Power's May issue has surfaced online. It features many new details regarding the Nintendo DS remake, and Takashi Tokita, director of the original Final Fantasy IV, reveals that he is working on a new project:

"I'm currently working on an unannounced title that's being developed on a scale no different than that of the original FF4, and I hope North American gamers will give it a try."

- This is by far the most difficult version of Final Fantasy IV.
- Useless abilities from the original version (Cry, Pray, etc) have been changed significantly to make them more useful.
- The team has addressed every criticism of the Final Fantasy III remake: More detailed character, loading times, wider set of abilities, etc.
- Bosses were all rebalanced, so people who played the older versions won't be able to use "tricks" to beat them easily.
- New auto-battle system: You assign a single action for each character and they repeatedly carry out that move.
- Lunar Ruins from FFIV Advance is not included, however a New Game+ mode with additional augments and new optional bosses has been added.
- Summons are called Eidolons, as a tribute to Final Fantasy IX fans.
- Confirmed: Only 25% of the original story was used due to space limitations.
- Asano thinks creating old-school RPG's with present-day technology is going well, and Square Enix shouldn't limit themselves to just remakes.

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PS360WII3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

"Confirmed: Only 25% of the original story was used due to space limitations." Hmmm? In earlier interviews they were saying it was going to have more story than the original.

Glad they are making it harder though and made the FFIII engine all the better.

ItsDubC3934d ago

Yes, that "25% of the original story" thing worries me. If I'm not mistaken, I think this game has voice acting. I'd rather have more story than voice acting.

PS360WII3934d ago

Yes they have voice acting in this title. I'm with you though story > voice acting. I don't mind reading