Call of Duty 3 - Levels Revealed!

Exclusive details on the 14 single player levels in Call of Duty 3!

Fight your way across Saint Lo, take out the fuel depot! Battle the Black Baron and capture Chambois!

An epic campaign across France awaits!

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InMyOpinion4467d ago

I want this game more than Gears of war. Am i insane?

Gamer134467d ago

But CD3 and GOW is two amazing looking games that plays well, i can,t wait to play both - infact im getting both on its release date so thats £80 when i buy online at


dcm4466d ago

this game is going to be amazing i love ww2 shooters there just usually fun games to play. and these stages seem fun like shooting through Saint Lo now thats going to be cool. i wonder how the wii version is going to be. i bet its going to be a nice shooter cant wait for this game on any system i want it badly.

The_Firestarter4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Along with superb graphics the next gen will hold no secrets! This has got to be one of THE WORST posts ever! What's the point of surprises and thought-provoking anticipation if there are leaks about this and that everywhere!? It's nice to have screenshots and small clips of the game, but when you give bits and pieces like this away, what's the point of creativity in pre-released anonymity? I swear, the publisher and/or developers of these games need to conceal their info until the game is out. I know, I know they just released the name of the levels, but STILL they're getting closer and CLOSER to showcasing every little piece of info. XD lol
*I'm serious, but not really....kind of... so don't flame me. :P*