Marketplace Roundup for April 8, 2008 (All free)

Major Nelson has posted Xbox Live Marketplace Roundup for April 8, 2008.

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witchking3870d ago

Good Lord, I know we're not getting any decent games in April except for GTA IV, and May is looking sparse... can someone get us a demo of something? Where's the Too Human demo that was promised in 1Q? How about a demo for Viking, a game that appears to be a fairly love it/hate it in the reviews... this game could benefit from a demo to let the users get a feel for it before plunking down $60. Universe at War and Dark Sector, too, would benefit from a demo.

And how about some trailers for all the stuff coming in June? Civ Revolution, Soul Calibur IV, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, BBC, UT3... can we start to see some marketing of these games that goes beyond what we've seen so far?

I mean, seriously, the Marketplace is a wasteland right now.

monkey6023870d ago

I agree completely. I havent been interested in a marketplace update in a long time.

Microshaft3870d ago

LOL do you sony droids have to comment your silly little Sony views on EVERY 360 article!!! Get a life dammit