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Forget the motion-sensitive remote, Microsoft, just fix Xbox 360

David Sheets of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

By now, the word has trickled into every crack and corner of the Internet that Microsoft is developing a motion-sensitive wand controller for its Xbox 360 console, and that the prototype design fairly resembles the wand available for Nintendo Wii...

Because the report goes against Microsoft's earlier position that motion-sensitive controllers were not on the horizon for Xbox 360 (but perhaps for its hoped-for replacement, the Xbox 720) and has no credible sources cited, gaming pundits were quick to jump on it and affix their own question marks: Is this good for Microsoft? Will Xbox 360 regain and keep the top spot among gaming consoles? Does Nintendo have anything to fear?

Well, in Game Guy's opinion, the answer is "no" to all three, because one huge problem still stands in the way of any new technology helping lift Xbox 360's fortunes: the Xbox itself.

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Troll. The xbox 360 was fixed in middle of 2007, new machines dont have heat issues. but, any chance n4g can get for another heat-failure story.
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Waste of space
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this is just stupid
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Sounds like hater BS and people worried to me, as if MSFT would ignore motion sensing" RROD or not lol.
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Bull shit post, MSFT can fix the Xbox and they can make sure they can compete with the Wii lol.
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green5714d ago

I understand where the author is coming from but his views have a few flaws.The jasper should be released during the summer and it might get rid of the RROD problem,but won't be sure until a few months after it's release.

Company's like Microsoft are massive with huge Research and development facilities.if they stumble on to something that believe will move the game on for them,then no harm done.

Because if the jasper equipped units work and the motion controller works,then it would be a win win situation for all.All we can do now is to wait and see how they both turn out.

Lord Anubis5714d ago

i'm not aware of jasper. What's the revision in jasper?

green5714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

Jasper is going to have a 65-nanometer graphics chip from ATI Technologies, as well as smaller memory chips.

Falcon board has the same old 90-nm graphics chip on it. And many have pointed out that the big heat problem in the Xbox 360 is due to the graphics chip. The Falcon board will likely give off less heat. But the real serious heat saver looks like it will come with Jasper.

Charlie26885714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

@green: Unless the Jasper has a new cooling system specifically the fans we will continue to see the RROD (but the time before the fail might be extended as with the Falcon), while its obvious that a smaller GPU will produce less heat the problem still continues in the fact that the hot air cant be ventilated fast and efficiently enough and even then with better fans we have the problem of the poorly placed GPU sitting under the DVD drive with little room for air

regarding the "massive with huge Research and development facilities" I wonder if they even have any or if MS already fired them all, cuz ANYONE remotely familiarized with hardware building or engineering will tell you that the 360 (specially the original mobo) has some of THE worst design choices specially in the allocation of the chipsets that makes me wonder how on EARTH were they approved for manufacturing in the first place? for example knowing that the GPU is one of the parts that heat up the most specially if you are playing videogames why was it placed in the most confined and close space in the whole mobo layout and even worse sitting under a constantly heating DVD drive? but what I find the worst offence is how on earth did someone approved a cooling system NOT designed to handle the MASSIVE heat output of the 360?

Did they even tested any of these things gamers were easily able to pinpoint with in the first year of the 360 when the first RROD started appearing? why is it taking almost 3 years and 3 different mobos for MS to fix a flaw that is SO obvious and like I mentioned before gamers already knew since the first RRODs?

at least fixing a RROD is VERY easy and fast ;)

another thing to consider that I wont get into too much is the recent surge of faulty DVD drives that again makes me wonder about the quality control and why arent more heads rolling inside MS

le killer5714d ago

for a ps3 only owner charlie, you seem to know sooo much! i've not heard of any faulty dvd drives, and believe me, i know alot of people who have 360s and play them often. you sony sheep seem to know everything that's bad about the competition. i'll be getting a ps3 for resistance2, the problematic ps1s and ps2s i had have not stopped me picking one up sooner, i'm just waiting for resistance2.

mistertwoturbo5714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

"Company's like Microsoft are massive with huge Research and development facilities.if they stumble on to something that believe will move the game on for them,then no harm done."

So why didn't they put any of that R&D into the current X360's instead of releasing it pre-maturely into the hands of consumers, resulting the loss of millions, and possibly billions of dollars? Also the headaches of millions of gamers around the world who just wants to play a video game without they're console dying on them?

And what's the gaurantee the new chip will even help the situation? Wasn't the same said about the magical Falcon?

Sometimes, it's not a matter of how bad a product is. It's a matter of how stupid the consumer is who keeps on supporting arguements for a defective product as if you work for the company themself. Microsoft doesn't write you a paycheck to defend their bad product. If you truely support the product that you claim is the best in the industry, then slap a lawsuit at microsoft for them to fix the problem, and not gloat about software sales, when obviously it has bad hardware.

green5714d ago

i am one of the lucky few that have enjoyed my 360 for 2 years and 4 months without a problem.I wish others had the same luck that i have had but unfortunately the console was poorly designed.

One thing is that they seem to be addressing the issue sloooowly but they are addressing it.As for cooling,the falcon equipped 360's have a different heat sink to the original versions and the Jasper will have a bigger one as well.

i don't know were you got you info about the faulty disk drives happening recently.But i know that the new Bosh disk drives that were implemented last year when the Elite was lunched don't have a problem and they are less noisy than the orginal that i posess.

One thing is that my 360 sounds like a boeing 747 when playing games,like a rally car when playing demo,s or just on the marketplace dashboard but WHISPER quiet while watching DVD's.Hard to believe but it is true.I think i am one lucky 360 owner.

Charlie26885714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

@le killer: "for a ps3 only owner"? that is odd I don't even have one and I didn't even mention it in my post in fact I only have a it shows in my profile...but you are one for those blind fanboys in denial doing the usual damage control over FACTS so why do I even bother with you? ...sigh

@green: I am aware of the extra heat sinks I was talking about the fans you could even do a test open a 360 let it heat for a while open with the mobo exposed and you will notice that for some bizarre reason the heat keeps building and building up inside and the fans don't seem to be pulling a significant amount of heat outside even when they seem to be working at max and most of it by the design of the "wind" or ventilation tunnel is directed at the CPU and not the problematic GPU thankfully there is a modd to fix this by placing a price of plastic of cardboard in the wind tunnel, regarding the faulty DVD drives that is also pretty new to me I had read about very isolated case in the past but very few to matter but recently (past 6 months) ive been reading people comment more and more about this and it seem MS knows too cuz last time I called MS for my 3rd 360 I was explicitly told like 3 times as soon as I mention a "faulty 360" if it was sure it was a RROD alone of something was wrong with another part like the "DVD drive" (that I bet it was for the RROD only covering warranty -_-) also some of the people I know that modd 360s have told me people have come to them with 360s with defective DVD drives a thing they didn't had far as people have commented the main problem of the "faulty" DVD drive is either ultra fast wear and tear or simply the plastic piece that makes the DVD pop open some of those can easily be fixed other need a complete DVD drive replacement I juts hope that doesn't happen to my 360 T.T

JsonHenry5714d ago

I bought two on launch day. A core and a premium. And I have never had any problem out of either of them. I feel sorry for all those guys that had a problem though. : (

le killer5714d ago

sorry mate, it appears i was wrong about you bud and i apologise! blind i am not, i know a few people who've had rrod, and there is clearly a design flaw. personally, i've a 360 for over 2 years without a problem. but that's neither here nor there! i assumed you were a dirt slinger that does'nt even own, or never will own a 360. and therefore not really entitled to say anything! anyway, sorry once again mate!

Jack Meahoffer5714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

The Sony sheepeople are trying to spread more FUD. While I agree the original motherboards were garbage I've had one since launch with no problems. My friend has the original Elite mobo and never had a problem.

RROD is a huge problem but its only on old units. Falcon fixed it already and Jasper will be even better and cheaper.

Sony fans seem so preoccupied with dogging the 360 why not complain to Sony so you can have Home they promised you March last year or in game voice chat? Oh thats right Sony never does anything wrong...

n to the b5714d ago

that's the kind of attitude I wish more people here had, owning up to a mistake. bubbles for you.

Sarick5714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

Everyone that has had problems with is console isn't going to be getting a free redesigned 360 are they? No, to get one they'll either be very lucky or they'll have to buy an upgrade.

All this behavior does is enforce the bad practices of selling defective hardware. Why should costumers be forced to pay for manufactured mistakes. Consider that even if a customer gets free repaires or replacements things still come up short.

My experience isn't all pleasurable, if dealing with a product that has a tendency of failure I want results. Telling people Yes, a new 360 is comming soon is stonewalling.

The emotional impact caused to some fans of the product has irreparablely tarnished Microsoft's reputation. Telling people just buy a new one does absolutely nothing for the customers. Most have lost respect by this time, and asking for more money only serves to farther escalate these negative emotions.

Money should speak for the customers, because in the interest of the gaming community 3 strikes mean your out. I know one things for certain, my money isn't going to a player who continually drops the ball.

I'm not hitting disagree because I understand your opinion, fares well with hardcore fans of the 360, My opinion differs however, and I draw these conclusions from my personal experiences.

Seriously, I can't imagine people falling for this upgrade or "to fix it" mentality. My money goes into things I believe will preform within satisfaction. Anything less and I don't care. Cheap imitated gimmicks only serve to harm innovation and that's exactly what I see here.


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jkhan5714d ago

Is it really that bad? I mean I bought the 360 back June 2007, I had RRoD once, I sent it to them and they fixed it and I got it back in 6 days. Its working fine since then. Yeah I know you have to take extra care of it, but still is it really that bad? or I am just lucky?

Charlie26885714d ago

unless you have a modded 360 with improve cooling its guaranteed your 360 will eventually die again (unless you live in the north pole o something) cuz a thing people don't seem to understand is that the 360s "failure rate" is not 30%-16% or 60% its more like a 100% right now because we are not talking about deficient/faulty parts or problems in certain units parts or that kind of things that are usually attached to "failures" much less certain "faulty production batches or shipments" like some people pretend to blame (so no looking at the manufacturing date will only guarantee a longer time before the inevitable death) cuz the problem of the RROD is actually very simple in 95% of them its as simple as constant overheating makes the GPU become loose of the mobo which gives you the RROD BUT both mobo and GPU are in perfect conditions simply reattaching them makes the 360 work perfectly again

so the RROD is not a matter if "I might get it or not" its a matter or "when" cuz a problems like this is subject to endurance before inevitable failure not specific part problem, for example we already saw a HUGE amount of people around last years Christmas with launch 360s that finally RROD and yes they were the usual "but I still have a perfect launch 360" which tells you the ONLY thing besides modding it is keeping it as ventilated and cool as possible also let it cool with an external source after is off :)

green5714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

i lived in Nigeria from 2005 december to january 2007 with temperatures averaging 34 degrees,no wind and at least it was used for 14 hours a day.,And no RROD.So don't think North pole can save you from RROD.

i think those that where built properly would last long but others wouldn't.I don't even take particular care of my console,just kept it vertically from day one(even if i here it should be kept horizontally for better cooling),but have always kept it in very open spaces and never any other equipment.

Hopefully things will improve because failure rates like this are simply unacceptable.

Charlie2688 i replied to your other comment, so see above.

Charlie26885714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

@green: Like I explicitly mentioned in my post its NOT a matter of " those that where built properly would last long but others wouldn't" because the problem here is not a burned mobo or a burned GPU or if for some random reason that GPU has less soldering than others its as simple as the constant overheating melts or cracks away the soldering in the GPU making it loose from the mobo so its no related to any manufacturing mistake or faulty part its an effect of a poor cooling system on a normal hardware part of this kind

and that is why its so easy to fix too, if the 360s RROD (at least 95%) was related to faulty or poorly manufacured parts you wouldnt be able to repair it so easily

and like I also mentioned a KEY part of preventing as much as you can the RROD is cooling the 360 AFTER is off cuz you can imagine how much heat is still inside the 360 after your turn it off and the fans stop that is why many people recommend for the non warranty void solution to use a high power external fan and place it in the right "vent" or honeycomb to ventilate the left hot air and cool the will be suprised how much hot air comes out after its off (after playing for 2-3 hours and turning it off you get like 30 min of still hot air building inside O.o)

InMyOpinion5714d ago

I had a modded(flashed bios) 360 that went RROD. I got it back in 6 days and it has worked flawlessly since then. They gave me the Benq drive(which is more quiet and loads extremely fast) and a new motherboard.

I also got a certificate that said that they had performed several durability tests on it just to check that it won't RROD again. Other than that they gave me 1 month Live for free.

I really can't complain about the service. I mean they fixed it even though the 360 was tampered with. They could have just returned it without fixing it and ban me from Live or something.

mirroredderorrim5714d ago (Edited 5714d ago )

True consumer mentality, man. I got my first Xbox 360 a few months ago(Elite) and so far so good, but in accordance with what you said, I will not buy a 2nd if this RROD on me. I'll go through the painstaking process of sending it to them for a fix, and spend a month enjoying whatever PS3 hit is out at the time.

That B.S aside, I'm confident that my Xbox product will last awhile..

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uie4rhig5714d ago

just reading the title: Agreed!! fix the 360, then start a new project!

power of Green 5714d ago

You're not going to catch Decapitator or cyruss posting this fud no one is reading it they're ignoring it(not counting the run of the mill Sony trolls) you might as well post positive news, thats where the hits/point are.

PumPum5714d ago

You dont want RROD to be fixed rather than X0mote?

Phil Harrison Mklll5714d ago

There isn't any! :D [well it sinking is positive News to me] :D

PSMonster215714d ago

M$ should just give up on their POS360. HAHAHA.

thexmanone5714d ago

Wow It sound like you PISS3 fanboys are scared. Don`t worry you will still be able to watch your blue ray movies.

captainjy5714d ago

Do you know how many people I have heard complain about the BD tray on the POS3? There are defects with every electronic device. Who really cares if MS fixes the RROD issue or not. I have a warranty and if my 360 blows up, I go to Target and "buy" a new one until repair is done. I have only lost one console. It's no big deal. We just keep coming back and there's nothing you can do about it.